Four-letter word

13 07 2009

I SHOP only when it is screaming SALE in big bold letters.

But with the economy as it is right now – with every aspect of our life taking some serious beating – it behooves us to reflect on this very serious matter, so serious it’s way up there with the debate on poll automation.

ShoppingShopping in these times.

For over a couple of years now, I’ve been my own incarnation of a penny-pinching miserly old man.  Eversince Friendship introduced me to the unbridled joy of retail therapy in the States (when I was there), I’ve never come near any retail item in the malls here at home.  Okay, that’s a bit too much to say.  I have actually had – though very few and far between – but most definitely, I’ve steered clear of the cashiers.  The first one on my all-time shopping list that I had crossed out has been clothes.  Sometimes, some are just so ridiculously priced here.  But I won’t go into a debate with anybody.  Because even I myself do recognize that the barcoded numbers I see on the tags here take into consideration a lot of overhead cost.

Superman has actually been a very good influence on me on these things.  There was one time that I backed out of ringing up my purchase at Armani Exchange at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall, just the very split second after the sales associate had assisted the person before me, and just the very moment before she could even mouth, “this way, Sir.”  I fixed the red, white, and blue knit shirt in my hand a “longing” stare and went my way.

But yesterday, I made an exception.  I went to Makati to get some gifts for one of my best friends – Spider-man.  For special occasions and for special people, I think it’s perfectly okay to break the rules.  Hahaha!  And take note, MOST of the stores were actually on SALE!

I haven’t been in the Makati area for a while so I took my leisurely walk.  I actually spanned the expanse of Serendra, all the way to Glorietta, then to Greenbelt.  I decided on a Zara Basic Polo Shirt in light blue.  It was a toss up between the red and the blue.  I was actually leaning towards red (since it is a birthday present), until the sales associate said, “The blue is better.”  Though just this morning, James said that whenever he and his wife shop, and he couldn’t decide, he would be told to “get both.”  I’m scratching my head right now and thinking why on earth I didn’t think the same way!  Hahaha!

Shopping - Zara Polo Shirt 00

Zara Basic Polo Shirt in red


Shopping - Zara Polo Shirt 01

Zara Basic Polo Shirt in blue. I took the images using my Nokia 5310 camera phone.

Being in Makati also allowed me to fulfill a couple of other promises I’ve made to Spider-man.  Finally, I’m picking up Royce’ Nama Chocolate for him (got the Champagne Pierre Mignon).  And for good measure, I got a small box of Machiavelli Chocolatier chocolates.  I’ll post something about these chocolates!

Birthday Gifts 00

The Royce' paper bag now has a cute logo ribbon as accent. They used to use a gold foil ribbobn they tie to the straps.


Machiavelli Chocolates 07

Say HAPPY BIRTHDAY with Machiavelli Chocolatier's chocolates!


Birthday Gifts 01

Some things for the birthday boy Spider-man!

I had a great time yesterday and by the end of my shopping day, I realized that I didn’t bleed the coffers dry (Zara has such great deals!!!).  And seriously, not even a small hole was burned in my pockets.  I’ve made wise purchases that based from Spider-man’s reaction this morning, are well-appreciated.

Shopping - Kenneth Cole Sign 01

Trust Kenneth Cole to say it like it is!



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