Puttin’ on the wrist

16 07 2009

I LIKE my wristwatches to have an attitude.  And it helps if I could find one that wouldn’t really have to cost an arm and a leg.  I have to tell you, all my thoughts about my “dream wristwatch” have just gotten to a screeching halt right at the first milestone towards getting it – “save paycheck.”  My only consolation is accepting the fact that most of the things I really aspire for are just so unreachable anyway.  Hahaha!

But as I have said, I just want my wristwatches to have an attitude.

Technomarine - Apnea Red Gel

Technomarine Apnea in red – the first one!

My work doesn’t require me to dress up really elegantly – or at least semi-formal – so I’ve always felt that to be able to give my smart casual get-ups an edge, I’d have to put something on that will break all the monotony.  And there’s nothing like a wristwatch to give the ol’ shirt-and-jeans look an edge – or at least a pop of color!

And that’s exactly what I’ve gotten with my Technomarine wristwatches.

Technomarine - Raft Chronograph Black Gel 01

Technomarine Raft Chronograph in yellow with black gel strap


Technomarine - Raft Chronograph Black Gel 02

The Technomarine Raft Chronograph standing right up

In the flurry that is the wristwatch industry, Technomarine got lodged in my consciousness because of its assertive position to not conform to the norms in high-end Swiss timepiece-making.  Against the backdrop of time-honored traditions, Technomarine broke new ground.  They married stainless steel, gel, and (sometimes) diamonds perfectly together in wristwatches that while appearing whimsical and playful, actually mean serious business that could take you even to hundreds of meters deep into the blue.

My love affair with Technomarine began with a gift from someone special.  I loved that the APNEA – like most Technomarine models – has interchangeable straps.  Depending on my mood (I tell you, I have a lot of these!), I swap between translucent / clear, red, orange, and black.

In the past year, I added at least a couple more to my Technomarine line-up.  I got reminded just how beatiful and functional these wristwatches are when I found myself contemplating just this week – with one of my really good good friends at work – to get at least one more!

Technomarine - Raft Chronograph Black Gel 03

A nice close-up shot, with my royal blue adidas bag at the background.

You can’t have enough Technomarine wristwatches.  They are form, substance and function that come surprisingly in friendly price points.  They are traditional and modern-day cutting-edge.  They are “technologie d’ avant-garde” embodied in precision masterpieces you can strap on your wrist.  What’s not to love?

Technomarine - Raft Chronograph Yellow Gel

Orange and lemons – Technomarine Raft Chronograph in yellow with yellow gel strap!