Five posters, three cards, two shirts, and a box of chocolates

17 07 2009

“LIFE IS like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re going to get.”  I trust Mama Gump’s wisdom to no end.

Ghirardelli Masterpieces Collection 00

Ghirardelli Masterpieces Collection Premium Chocolate Assortment

Yesterday was such a letdown – from the weather, to the many issues that were engaged in a heated contest for my short attention span…  to some people who happened to have chosen to be so slow on the day when I happened to have come to work with the lowest rated fuse ever.  I actually felt like I short-circuited a number of times that my own brain had been fried toast.

But in the infinite wisdom that was the words of Mama Gump, I was so plesantly surprised to realize that something was enough to pull me out of the ashtray I was in in the pits of hell.

It was way past 3:00 P.M. and I had just gone back to my desk after what could be considered as my only peaceful and calm meeting for the day.  “Peaceful” and “calm” meaning that I had exactly two minutes to myself to tune out of the discussion and realize – thru facebook – that one of my friends was on day three of his Bohol sojourn.  I pitied myself, slammed shut my laptop’s screen and paid attention to the discussion.

Back at my desk, I soon realized I had missed a couple of calls on each of my cellphones, and without a doubt, on my direct (land) line as well.  Just when I was debating in my head if I should return those many calls – from numbers not registered in my directory – I bumped into our contractual employee handling inter-office mail deliveries.  He was carrying two packages in his hands, plus a logbook.  I managed a wry smile (I was having a bad day!), totally oblivious to the fact that he was actually going towards my direction.

I felt that my synapses got slammed really hard when I soon realized that he was shoving the packages in my hands, while politely saying, “Sir eNTeNG, paki-receive po dito,” pointing to two signature fields on his logbook.  (“Sir eNTeNG, please receive here.”)

It was only then that I realized that one of my real best friends – from at least 7,000 miles away at one of the ten campuses in the University of California system – did remember my birthday.  Not that I needed anything material to be reminded of his friendship!  So while the typhoon pounced mercilessly, I still kept a hop, skip, and a beat to my steps as I excitedly went on my way home.

Happy Birthday 13

The big canister (tube) that contained the first set of gifts!

The first package was actually a canister, we used to call this a “tube” back in the day at MIT (“back in the day” – hahaha!).  It contained five huge – giant – movie posters of one of my favorite superheroes of all time.  Superman!  Now I did finally manage a genuine, heartfelt smile.  I was scratching my head at the thoughtfulness of the gift as I laughed at the note that accompanied it (tucked neatly within the roll) – just one of three cards strategically located in the two packages!  The posters are really huge.  I’m thinking they should be framed beautifully, then hung on the walls of my upcoming “new” bedroom.

Happy Birthday 12

The sticker gave away the contents - Superman stuff!


Happy Birthday 04

Here's the second package. Doesn't it just look so pretty?

The second package was just so beautifully – and I surmise, painstakingly – wrapped that I couldn’t find it in my heart to rip it open to see the contents.  The box was kinda bigger than my Adidas shoe boxes at home.  But what really caught my fancy was the two-tone packaging – in royal blue and white – and the very intricate bow-work.  I took as many pictures of the gifts as I could.  And before I knew it, it was already 3:00 A.M. – I remember because I had to check the automatic Swiss Army wristwatch I had on when I heard the heavy rains plummeting down from the sky, as if billowing towards the roof with the surging winds.

Happy Birthday 05

Beautiful meant a box wrapped in shiny guilloche-textured white wrapping paper, with royal blue splashes, and that intricate bow-work!


Happy Birthday 09

A closer look at the bow details

I snuggled under the sheets and resolved to go to bed.  But the mystery of what lies in the box beneath all the guilloche-textured white wrapping, the “obi belt” of metallic royal blue wrapping, and all the elaborate bows was just too much to bear.  With utmost care and the most dexterity I had displayed in a lifetime, I opened the package.  I found inside a navy blue “UC Davis” shirt; a light blue, striped, long-sleeved Aéropostale polo shirt; and a 7.3-oz. box of GHIRARDELLI CHOCOLATE Masterpieces Collection Premium Chocolate Assortment.

Ghirardelli Masterpieces Collection 02

Ghirardelli Masterpieces Collection Premium Chocolate Assortment


Ghirardelli Masterpieces Collection 01

Moments of timeless pleasure!

I’m still at the stage of admiring the shirts so much that I wouldn’t want to wear them just yet.  That, and the fact that I’m still taking my time smelling the “amoy Stateside” (Stateside-smelling) scent they emanate.  Hahaha!  As for the chocolates, they are now nothing but pure, sweet memory.  Hahaha!  But I wasn’t so selfish as I shared some of them with Spider-man.

Ghirardelli Masterpieces Collection 05

All that was left of the chocolates! On a side note, I have to mention that some of them were crushed or melted, most likely due to the handling. It was just fine.

As promised by Ghirardelli, the chocolates afforded me moments of timeless pleasure on this stormy Friday.  Each piece was so luxuriously smooth and rich – without choking me with too much sweetness.  Of those I gobbled up, I particularly loved Dark Raspberry Gem (the raspberry filling was such a tease once revealed by the chocolate that enrobed it); and the Milk Gourmet Truffle.

Ghirardelli Masterpieces Collection 04

The luxurious selections from this Ghirardelli box!

How I wish there’s a box of chocolates – or any “gift” box for that matter – that shall carry me through each day.  Or probably, just messages from friends that remind me of their thoughts.  As a matter of fact, one text message is still ringing in my head as I write this now.  Batman, responding to my excitement over these gifts smartly quipped, “Aba, maka-Superman yung nagbigay!”  (Oh, the gift-giver is on Superman’s side).  Hahaha!

Birthday Note 00

One of the three cards that came with the packages