I heart wansuy

20 07 2009
Wansuy - Wansuy 00

Freshly washed Dizon Farms wansuy (or, "wansoy")

I’VE NEVER realized just how much “wansuy” (fresh coriander leaves) can divide a household than when I found myself finishing a whole cauldron of crab and corn soup I made from scratch, perfumed with fresh wansuy.  To put things in perspective, imagine the soup to be Pasig river, and the fresh wansuy the growth of lotus on the surface.  You get the picture.  My brother hated the dish, considering I was so proud about it.  Hahaha!  I literally ate my words – with lots of wansuy to go with them!

I’ve always believed that wansuy is an acquired taste.  Some say it tastes like soap.  Those really unforgiving with their comments actually liken it to bugs.  If you don’t actually like wansuy yourself, you’re free to choose which simile would give life to your loathing.

But as for me, I’ve loved wansuy eversince I was a kid.  I’ve loved it so much that to this day, I would snack on bunches of it whenever I chance upon them at the supermarket.  I love it so much that it actually made my foodie list of 25.

Last week, I chanced upon lots of fresh wansuy!  Unlike when I was a kid when we’d have to go to Echague in Manila to get wansuy, nowadays I can count on Dizon Farms’ fresh produce line up to get that and more.  A kilo of wansuy costs Php 430.00.  I usually would get 250 grams’ worth!

Salad - Wansuy 02

I love my wansuy salad! Perfect with grilled or fried fish.

As usual, I made my fresh salad of ripe, plump roma tomatoes, vidalia (white) onions and lots of the wansuy, dressed with lots of fresh calamansi juice, and exactly a tablespoon of vinegar, with salt and pepper to taste.  I tore the wansuy with my own hands as opposed to chopping them with a stainless steel or carbon steel knife.  This salad went well with lots of fried tilapia!

Wansuy - Shrimps with oyster sauce 01

Shrimps with oyster sauce... with wansuy!


Wansuy - Shrimps with oyster sauce 02

Another shot of a wonderful lunch!

The next day – on a wild wild whim – I garnished shrimps with oyster sauce with lots of the fresh wansuy.  I’ve never done this before but surprisingly, it worked!  The shrimps were a gift.

Both meals were rounded up with heaping servings of steaming hot white rice.

Wansuy - Shrimps with oyster sauce 03

Wansuy went perfectly with shrimps with oyster sauce