The yellow is for Mrs. Cory Aquino

29 07 2009

FORMER PRESIDENT Cory Aquino – even in sickness – is a unifying force in our country.  Like most of my fellow Filipinos, I’m wearing yellow today in her honor.

Like most Filipinos, I’m a stranger to her and her family.

But like most Filipinos, I’m one with them in praying for her.

At the very least, I’m praying for the pain to go away.  Sometimes, that’s all we could hope for – for our loved ones to be spared from all the pain.  Mrs. Aquino has endured so much in her life that I feel she doesn’t deserve this suffering.

I’ve never really loved yellow.  But for Mrs. Aquino, I couldn’t help but wear it.

I’m thinking of her.  And I love her.

Unfortunately, that’s all that I can do.

Yellow for Tita Cory 02

The yellow is for Tita Cory


Yellow for Tita Cory 03

Yellow Technomarine Raft Chronograph for Tita Cory



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