The end of an era

3 08 2009
Tita Cory - text from Spider-man 00

Waking up to a nightmare - a country without Tita Cory.

THE TIME stamp on the text message said 06:56:35am.  I put off reading it because I had stayed up so late the night before.  I was jus so restless so I read and read and read in bed.  Finally, when everybody at home needed to leave for their errands and appointments that day (which was the following morning), they woke me up.  And then I read the text message.

Spider-man said, “Cory died of cardiac arrest.”  My own heart stopped.

Before I went to bed last Friday, I asked my mother how Tita Cory was.  I got home really late and missed all the news.  My mother said she was still stable, save for that reported episode of fluctuating blood pressure.  She told me that it’s all up to God, especially since a fluctuating blood pressure was not a good sign.  My uncle who succumbed to cancer last year had the same a mere few days before he passed away.

I canceled any plans I had for the weekend and stayed glued to the TV.  That was the least I could do to pay my last respects to President Corazon “Tita Cory” Cojuangco Aquino.  I texted Friendship too as we had promised to keep each other posted on Tita Cory’s health (then).

Tita Cory’s death marks the end of an era.  A time when leaders were decent and honest.  She was not a traditional politician – she was a housewife thrust in the limelight  – and that made her vulnerable to those who wanted to abuse her administration.  But she didn’t yield.  And with her definitive, unequivocal “Paalam” in her last State of the Nation Address, she left the legacy of a leader who rejected to tweak the Constitution just so she could perpetuate herself in power.  Very much unlike others who would cling to it like it were their mother’s apron strings.  She actually already had me and the nation when she sang “I’ll never run again.”  But her saying a graceful, dignified farewell before the country was just the touch of class I could only wish for nowadays.

I felt that with the end of her era died my own hope and dreams.  But listening to Kris Aquino on national TV yesterday, I realized that it didn’t have to be that way.  Tita Cory taught us well when she was alive.  It would be a shame for us to forget all that she stood and fought for.

My condolendes to the Aquino family and to the Filipino nation.

Tita Cory - journal entry to remember

I stopped and made this entry in my journal. This journal has kept all my thoughts and feelings. And my sadness over Tita Cory's death deserves a space in it.