I feel for Kris

4 08 2009

WHEN FRIENDSHIP first learned that I was praying not only for former President Cory Aquino but also for Kris, she had to ask me why.  I attempted to explain myself eventhough I knew that Friendship’s question was verging on rhetorical.

Last Sunday, Kris Aquino’s two-hour exclusive sharing on The Buzz explained exactly why I felt I had to pray for her.  Friendship and I were texting as we watched the show – I, here and she, in Singapore.  She was first to admit that she had been moved to tears.  I was doing my best to hold my emotions back – until one anecdote Kris shared towards the end finally nudged my solitary tear to fall.  It was the one about the wristwatch she bought for her mother with her (early) earnings.  The wristwatch that the former president constantly kept on – even asking for it after surgery (or probably a treatment session).  That snippet struck a chord with me because I myself – when I’d have to express my love “materially” – I’d choose to do it through giving wristwatches.

I remember hearing Kris’s closest friend say that she had never left her mother’s side from when she took a leave from work.  That alone made me gain a whole level of appreciation for the lady.  Having had my own experiences of taking care of someone who has had a number of episodes and surgery due to diabetic complications – making four of my last five birthdays spent in the hospital – I know that only very few other things in life can show love in its truest sense.  And sometimes, just when you would want to give more – to care more – your body would not be able to hold up to it.

Prior to last Sunday’s tell-all, Kris had earlier shared how she couldn’t remain strong anymore when her heart was really already crushed, broken into pieces.  I could only imagine her pain, until she faced us and accounted for each day that passed until the inevitable happened.

Just like what she said, it all became too real when she finally told it.

I felt for Kris because nothing hurts our spirit more than seeing those we love hurt and rendered helpless – with ourselves also rendered helpless and unable to do anything about it.  I felt for Kris and all her siblings because they had to take the selfless route – however painful it was – to accept and let go.  It was a most selfless act.  One that may have undoubtedly come with the price of pain they had never thought they will have to endure.

My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Kris Aquino and her siblings.  They are being so selfless to share their mother with us.  But I hope that they will eventually have their private time to grieve.

All yellow for Tita Cory 01

All the yellow are for Tita Cory...


All yellow for Tita Cory 02

...as well as Kris and all her siblings.



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