Peppery & Spidey

6 08 2009

FINALLY, I was able to bring something peppery and someone Spidey together!

Being one of my staunchest best friends, Spider-man has been keeping me company through my ordeals.  Remember the greeting I made him for his birthday?

Spider-man - Pepper Lunch 04

Peppery & Spider together!

This week, since I have been egging him on for days on end to join me for a “Pepper Lunch” meal – and since he knew I’ve been bracing for August 5th – he finally joined me at the newly opened branch at Town.  This would be my fourth time at the said “fast steak” place.  I’ve harped about my joy already here, here, and here.

Spider-man - Pepper Lunch 01

Going through the rather extensive menu

Never someone to make me feel or think that he’s like some people who take advantage of me (HAHAHA!), Spider-man was insisting to try just the Double Beef Pepper Rice (Php 246.00 a la carte).  Never someone to make my superhero friends feel or think that I’m not giving them the best (things I myself love), I insisted that he should try at least the Shimofuri Pepper Steak (Php 570.00 a la carte).  Guess who won the debate!

Spider-man - Pepper Lunch 05

Spidey getting ready to sizzle it his way!


Spider-man - Pepper Lunch 06

My yummy Double Beef Pepper Rice. I was told I could make this "triple" beef the next time! Wow!

As usual, Pepper Lunch didn’t disappoint.  And Friendship will be happy to note that the quality of the food and the service is consistent.

Spider-man - Pepper Lunch 02

Fine steak, great value!

I think Spider-man was a happy camper.  He was so full that he just decided to have his Molten Chocolate Cake (Php 120.00) to-go.

Spider-man - Pepper Lunch 00

Corte de las Palmas at Town. Pepper Lunch is on the second level, between Cibo and Recipes.



One response

7 08 2009

Hi Enteng, reading your Pepper Lunch experience makes me wanna visit the place !!! It looks yummy 🙂


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