Hurling wristwatches

13 08 2009

I REALLY felt like hurling my Technomarine wristwatches at my laptop monitor.  Only thing was, at the end of it all, I realized that it wasn’t my laptop’s fault.

That is, it wasn’t my laptop’s fault that the screen was tuned to YouTube, showing that he-who-shall-not-be-named in his latest nationally televised outburst!  He can explain all he wants, but what I’m certain of is that he won’t be able to soothe the cuts he made with those scathing remarks he let out to a public grieving a most sorrowful, irreplaceable loss.  I got what he wanted to say, but gosh, the way he said it only goes to show how dismal a disappointment a lot of those “celebrities” could be.

I have kept my peace – by the skin of my teeth! – from when I realized that this personality had started to shamelessly endorse Technomarine wristwatches.  When he blurted out in his saliva-impeded speech that he even has his own line named after him, I needed to take off the yellow chronograph I had on – the exact same one as what he was wearing at that time.

I turned to Spider-man for a dose of wisdom.  I told him about my plan of hurling my Technomarine wristwatches for catharsis.  He told me to go on with it – only that he will be waiting to break each wristwatch’s trajectory.

Spider-man made a good point.  It wasn’t my Technomarine wristwatches’ fault they are being endorsed by he-who-shall-not-be-named.

All apologies to Voldemort.