Ian and Marie are definitely gonna dance again

17 08 2009


FIND SOMEONE who will help nurture the best things you like about yourself.  I’ve always held on to this belief.

And I guess, once you do find that someone, you will not want to let go.  Spoken like the true fan of love that I am, I do believe that that’s the only sane thing to do after the “find.”  It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen, heard and felt this reverberate with meaning.  Thanks to my good friend Marie Francis “Marie” M. Aguilar’s wedding to the man of her dreams and love of five years and twenty-one days – Christian “Ian” A. Subido – I once again got reminded about one of the few truths I hold on to in life.  Yes, I guess it was five years and twenty-one days to the day – 15th of August 2009.

Ian Marie Wedding - Marie 00

My good friend, the very lovely bride – Marie – on her wedding day. I later realized that I didn't get to have my picture taken with the couple (using my own camera). Gotta wait for the official prints!

I totally did away with the “Oh, they shut the doors!” moment that I had to deal with in another wedding I went to this year.  So, I decided to go directly to the reception venue at the Diamond Hotel Philippines.  Besides, I had to do whatever pre-work I could still squeeze in into the good two hours I had right before they would have flung the grand ballroom’s doors open.  You see, I needed to look for the on-the-day coordinators, Events by Clarice, to go over the reception program – especially the last minute changes, if any.  That, and the fact that I had to make up for missing the dinner meeting the couple arranged for their wedding reception emcees and the coordinators.  For Marie and Ian’s special day, I shared the hosting with Jen (Bulatao-Estrella), who used to manage the characterization and automation group at the design engineering center in the office.  She happens to be one of the bride’s closest friends from the office.

Ian Marie Wedding 05

Here comes the bride... and groom! Ian and Marie right after the church ceremony at the Shrine of Jesus, The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Marie is holding here the man of her dreams with her left hand... and her beautiful bouquet of Ecuadorian roses with her right hand. - Photo courtesy of Ronald Oh (my friend Agnes' hubby!)


Ian Marie Wedding - Signage

Subido-Aguilar Nuptials, 15 August 2009


Ian Marie Wedding - Cue Cards eNTeNG

One of two sets of cue cards I made for Ian and Marie's wedding. This one – in chocolate brown – was mine. The other one – in light blue – I gave to my co-host, Jen!


Ian Marie Wedding 01

That's my co-host, Jen, one of Marie's closest friends from Intel.

I breezed through the tight hotel security, and – in my wonderfully “deconstructed” Barong Tagalog (finished only the night before!), skinny charcoal gray pants, and lethally pointed Italian leather shoes – proceeded to the grand ballroom, appropriately called “the Diamond Ballroom.”  After the short flight of steps facing the hotel entrance, I knew which way to go already, having emceed a wedding at the same place in December 2007.  It was one of my more unforgettable weddings, made even more memorable by the moment I had with the then Solicitor General, now Secretary of Justice Agnes Devanadera who was so generous – magnanimous even! – with her compliments on how Partner and I handled our emceeing assignment.  But…  though I’ve emceed weddings in the past, I would always feel unprepared the moment I would make it to the venue.  Good thing, I was able to finish the two sets of cue cards I made in accordance to the preliminary program Events by Clarice sent me via e-Mail.  As I inched closer to the ballroom’s sealed massive mahogany doors, I gave my cue cards one quick glance and I couldn’t help but smile at the thought that just hours ago, a malfunctioning printer, a dull cutter and paste reduced to curds threatened to get in the way of the cards’ fruition.

Ian Marie Wedding - Ballroom 02

Wouldn't this make your jaw literally drop? – The Diamond Ballroom, The Diamond Hotel Philippines, set up for the Subido-Aguilar Wedding Reception.


Ian Marie Wedding - Ballroom 01 Presidential Table

These two amazing arrangements adorned the center of the Presidential Table.


Ian Marie Wedding - Ballroom 00

A view of the ballroom from the door


Ian Marie Wedding - Ballroom Grand Chandelier 00

Shining down from the ceiling is this Grand Chandelier!

With a hand reached out in welcome and a smile so bright it could drive the living hell out of any overcast day, Mitch, Events by Clarice’s head coordinator, greeted me and ushered me in.  That was when I felt my jaw literally drop.  And it does take a lot to make it “literally” drop.  In that moment, I realized it to be the masterfully elegant and tasteful styling of Tony Rodriguez, arguably one of the Philippines’ top floral stylists.  At the center of each of the eight big round tables and eight big square tables sat either a short arrangement of calla lilies and grapes; or a tall arrangement of the same flowers in a vase that was aesthetically slender as it was vertically functional for the illusion it would provide.  Later on, four votive candles would set off these arrangements magically with the soft light they emanated.  At the center of the ballroom, there was the grand square table setting for the VIPs where, at the hollow center, stood two tree-like floral arrangements with more calla lilies at the base and twig branches from which hung clusters of grapes and “floating” votive candles in half-filled-with-water glasses suspended with gold ribbons that glimmered all the more with all the light.

Ian Marie Wedding - Table Topper Romance 00

This was one of the tall flower centerpieces. I took this photo from where I sat – Table "Romance."


Ian Marie Wedding - Table Topper Romance 01

Shot from below – our table's centerpiece.


Ian Marie Wedding - Table Topper Fun

Another flower arrangement that adorned one of the tables. This was from the Table "Fun."


Ian Marie Wedding - Table Top Votive Candles

Four votive candles set off each flower centerpiece so beautifully!

I really was in awe as well on the table “number” cards.  They weren’t numbers at all – an idea of the couple.  They were words that describe the virtues and the elements necessary in a successful relationship.  I later found out I was assigned to the “Romance” table.  A quick check of the seat plan revealed that I know all the people converging at this table – mostly former colleagues.  I was quite pleased to know that one of my bestest superhero friends – Superman – was assigned to this table too.

Ian Marie Wedding - Table Topper Romance 02

My table assignment was at this one – the "Romance" table.

At the corner of the 6’ x 6’ dance floor up front stood the very lovely three-tier wedding cake, provided by the hotel as part of the package.  It was festooned with fresh flowers, decorated with intricate, edible flower patterns, and crowned at the top by a bunch of sugar roses.  Set up right in front of one of the tree-flower-and-lights arrangement, the wedding cake further underscored the importance and the elegance of the event later to unfold.

Ian Marie Wedding - Wedding Cake 00

Ian and Marie's very lovely three-tier wedding cake, courtesy of the Diamond Hotel Philippines! Ain't it pretty?!


Ian Marie Wedding - Wedding Cake 04 Bottom Tier

A close shot of the wedding cake's bottom tier


Ian Marie Wedding - Wedding Cake 03 Middle Tier

A close shot of the wedding cake's middle tier


Ian Marie Wedding - Wedding Cake 01

A close shot of the wedding cake's crowning glory – a bunch of sugar roses on the top tier. L-O-V-E-L-Y!!!


Ian Marie Wedding - Wedding Cake Cut 02

A close shot of the cut wedding cake


Ian Marie Wedding - Tree and Flower Arrangement 00

This tree arrangement – and all the lights – perfectly set off the three-tier wedding cake!


Ian Marie Wedding - Wedding Cake 02

I saw this and I knew that Ian and Marie's reception would be off to a great start.


If I believed in magic, I swear I did right there and then!

If I didn’t believe in magic, the whole setting around me made me so.


Ian Marie Wedding - Marie Veluz Gown 00

My first paparazzi shot of the beautiful couple. Marie's wedding gown was by Veluz!


Ian Marie Wedding - Marie Veluz Gown 01

It's all in the details – a paparazzi shot to capture all the drama at the back of the lovely bride.

All the more when I saw Ian and Marie!  All the nervousness and “unpreparedness” that I was feeling all went out of the window when Marie – upon seeing me standing on the other side of the door – gave me the biggest, warmest hug ever!  Nobody had made me feel so welcome!  No, it wasn’t the reception yet.  I just realized they just had to take requisite wedding photos with the imposing ballroom as the backdrop.  And with all the votive candles and the spotlights lit up, the place truly could make even the most cycical believe in the power of love.  I couldn’t resist it – and with all due respect to the expert lens that is Wally Gonzales Photography – I had to take my own paparazzi shots of the couple.  Especially Marie, who was resplendent in her unique and original Veluz wedding gown.  I took a mental note that officially, Marie would be the second “Veluz” bride for whom I would be emceeing the wedding reception.  And as with the previous one, the drama of Marie’s wedding gown was in all the details at the back.

Outside the ballroom, guests had started coming in.  Surely, before reaching the registration table, they must’ve posed in front of Ian and Marie’s official photo wall to have their snaps taken by BAICAPTURE (BAICAPTURE…  creating CAMERAderie).  The instant “framed” photo of the four poses each guest would have to give the camera was a nice memento.  When I took a peek later, I saw a lot of familiar faces I hadn’t seen for eons, gathered around the tall cocktail tables and sipping the luscious welcome drink (which looked to me like some champagne cocktail laced with the essence of pomegranate or passion fruit) and the yummy hors d’ oeuvre – pritchon (fried lechon – roasted suckling pig – wrapped in pita wedges and served with a special sauce)!

At the appointed time, Clarice and Mitch gave us the cue to start the reception.  With one deep breath, Jen and I gave it a go.

Seconds from when they had made their grand entrance, I thought Ian and Marie shied away from completing their first dance.  Only to realize, thanks to Jen’s reminder, that they indeed wanted to regale us with a dance they obviously spent time preparing for.  Ian and Marie launched into a full-on dance that started sweet and “standard” with that song that goes, “L is for the way you look at me…” Like most in the audience, I felt a little shock when that song faded out to give way to the strains of the opening sax of something that has the line, “I’m never gonna dance again…” (Hahaha!)  But the momentary shock was all that – momentary – as the medley revealed a different upbeat song to which Ian and Marie danced in perfect timing and choreography, before closing with the classic couple’s dance.  I wanted to clap without ceasing!

Ian Marie Wedding 02

The beautiful couple, Marie & Ian.

As I write, the essence of the speeches delivered by the Maid of Honor, Ms. Maria Cecilia “Tsekwa” Manalad, and the Matron of Honor, Ms. Ma. Cristienne “Chen” A. Subido-Benedicto, still rings with much meaning and sincerity.  I saw the tears freely flowed from Marie’s eyes as Tsekwa recalled how the Ian-Marie love came to be.  And while I would have understood if the visibly-a-little-emotional Chen would’ve bailed out from finishing her speech, I was so glad she did not, and in fact let us in on the kind of love and bond that the Subido siblings shared.  She surely got my attention when she said something to the effect of: “I didn’t like Marie at first…” But when she said that it was because she couldn’t bear the thought of “losing” her then baby brother to someone, I felt her emotion.  And with much conviction, I felt the love that she has now extended to Marie whom she credited for bringing out the best in her brother, Ian.  Now I myself wanted to reach out for the Kleenex!

Rounding up the list of well-wishers was Mr. Cadence Robert “Ace” A. Subido, Ian’s younger brother and the couple’s Best Man.  I have to say I was looking forward to his toast, especially after Marie touted him as eloquent and unafraid to speak his mind.  But what I was so surprised to find out was how well he shared with the guests snippets of being with the “best big brother” ever.  And it all came down to one cohesive message directed to Marie that if Ian had been that great a big brother to them, he would undoubtedly be the best husband and father she could hope for.  Now I had to scramble for the Kleenex!  Only thing was, I got reminded that I still had a job to do…  and that I couldn’t help but smile at what Ace said about Ian being the one who taught Michael Jackson how to dance.  Now that explained the opening dance!  And now, apart from that “finding someone” thing, this is now another truth I’m holding on to in life.

I have to say that Ian and Marie must have had the most perfect wedding any couple could hope for.  To marry one’s best friend – the one you laugh with, live for, and love – could only be the best thing I could wish for anybody I care about.  But to be surrounded by the love of family and friends on that most special day, truly brings the experience to a whole new level all its own.  And Marie’s dance with her dad, Dr. Francisco Aguilar, couldn’t help but make mine and Jen’s eyes well up.

Ian Marie Wedding - Friends Group 01

Friends who cheered the newlyweds on! The lovely Ems (who was also Cord Sponsor), my co-host Jen, Jet, Bjay and Ber Sy, Richard, Agnes, Chum, Carmie and Ronoel.


Ian Marie Wedding - Friends Group 03

Friends all around – Chum, Richard, Jet & Ems, Bjay & Ber, eNTeNG, Agnes (one of Marie's closest friends), and Ronoel.


Ian Marie Wedding - Friends Bjay & Ber Sy

Bjay and Ber Sy, who I haven't seen for quite a while! Bjay hardly recognized me when I deliberately walked past them at the lobby!


Ian Marie Wedding - Friends Ronoel 00

One of my "bestest" friends in the whole wide world – the Ronoel!


Ian Marie Wedding - Friends Ronoel 04

Gotta have a photo with one of the best engineers I've ever known!

And as a fitting close to Marie’s “magical” day, we all watched the masterpiece of Wally Gonzales through the onsite AVP that was beamed on both the giant screens that were set-up on the walls of the ballroom.  And while I had missed witnessing the church ceremony, I found myself relieving the scenes – all the nice things – that had led to that night.

I was touched to see on video that Ian shed copious tears while waiting for Marie at the altar.  If that isn’t love, then I don’t know what is.

Ian Marie Wedding 03

That's me getting a really warm "thank you" from Marie!




About the Food:

Of course, something has to be said about the food.  After all, that’s what I live for.  Hahaha!  Unlike in past weddings, I was kind of surprised that I had the time to check out the buffet spread.  I couldn’t discuss every dish, as I didn’t get to try everything.  But I realized I found favorites from Ian and Marie’s selection – the Tanguigue Fillet Meuniere in Lemon Butter Sauce, the Braised Chicken in Orange Sauce, the Beef Medallion in Shallot Sauce, and the Lamb Stew with Olives and Thyme.

Also availble from the line-up of hot entrees were Lasagna Au Gratin, and Vegetable Melange in Noisette Butter.  The appetizers consist of Roasted Honey Chicken with Sesame Seeds, Roulade of White Lapu-Lapu Fish with Dill Cucumber Sauce, and Lyonner Gotingger (Imported Assorted German Sausages).  The soup was Cream of Spinach with Roasted Pine Nuts.  And the tempting salads included Mixed Greens with a selection of dressings and condiments, Tomato and Onion with Herbs in Classic Vinaigrette, and Sweet Corn and Shrimp Medley in French Dressing.

Now, the dessert spread was really impressive, not to mention tempting.  I mean, just look at the photos of all those cakes!  And I didn’t even get to snap shots of the pana cotta and some others!  I was drooling at their sight, but I gave heed to caution, lest I fill up and find out my “deconstructed” Barong Tagalog would be literally bursting at the seams.  Superman even said I should get dessert.  But there are just some things I’d rather put off.  Dessert was it that night.

Ian Marie Wedding - Buffet 00 Lyonner Gotingger

Lyonner Gotingger – Imported German Sausages!


Ian Marie Wedding - BUffet 04 Tomato Onion Salad

Tomato and Onion Salad with Herbs in a Classic Vinaigrette


Ian Marie Wedding - Buffet 07 Potato Salad

Potato Salad (I think!)


Ian Marie Wedding - Buffet 05 Honey Roasted Chicken

Honey Roasted Chicken


Ian Marie Wedding - Buffet 01 Brazo de Mercedes

Brazo de Mercedes


Ian Marie Wedding - Buffet 02 Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake


Ian Marie Wedding - Buffet 03 Cherry Cheesecake

Cherry Cheesecake garnished with fresh apple slices


Ian Marie Wedding - eNTeNG Plate 00

The beef medallion on my plate!


Ian Marie Wedding - eNTeNG Plate 01

The tanguigue on my plate! Yum-O!


Ian Marie Wedding - eNTeNG Deconstructed Barong 00

Of course, the requisite shot of my outfit – my off-the-rack Barong Tagalog, wonderfully "deconstructed" by our friendly neighborhood tailor to give it a slimming fit; skinny charcoal gray pants; Technomarine Raft chronograph; Nike yellow baller ID; red string bracelet.


Ian Marie Wedding - eNTeNG Deconstructed Barong 04

A couple of minutes before the reception started. That's the cue card set I myself made!


Ian Marie Wedding - eNTeNG Deconstructed Barong 05

All in a day's work – no, make that "labor of love" – right after the reception! I'm happy my hair stayed in place! Hahaha! Vanity...



5 responses

17 08 2009

Wow… Enteng the best ka talaga.
You did a very best job in hosting, you’re really good in taking pictures and you’re excellent in writing.
ang husay mo magblog… you can really make your readers feel, taste and experience the moments and the things you’re describing….

husay!!!! 🙂


17 08 2009

panalo.. nosebleed ako dito teng.. =D
Pero galing galing mo talga.. sana tinawag mo ako para nmn di ka solo nagpic.. joke =D


19 08 2009

Winner !!! All I can say is that you’re really really SUPER TALENTED !! Minsan I wanted to hold a dictionary before reading your blogs..hehehe I agree with the other comment given, nosebleed nga 🙂

What excites me about your blogs is that you never forget to have food review .. luv it !!!


23 08 2009
Eyes Only

oh bossing, nasan na yung promise mong MINI-ME posing sa photo?

balita ko, you did a great job hosting… 🙂


24 08 2009
Marie Aguilar-Subido

My gosh Enteng!!!

This is the most beautiful entry i’ve ever read to capture the most memorable and happiest moment of our lives!!! I was like crying here on my desk as read your blog…. *HUGSSSSS* It was really amazing, we so thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! We were not able to have dinner with you as time was not able to permit us, once we get back to the Philippines, we’ll fetch you at your place in dasma and we’ll have a date in Tagaytay! syempre with Jen na din as we were not able to meet her again as well after our wedding day too 😦

My gosh and your pictures are amazing! i want to have a copy too! I’ll reprint it(with your permission) and send these to Tito Tony, he’ll definitely be happy about that (^__^), that was the first time he did such an arrangement at Diamond Hotel =D

and you definitely did a fantastic job! Thanks so much!!




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