Pose. Capture. Print.

18 08 2009

THESE THREE words summarize the delight that are “instant photo souvenir” service providers that are sure fun additions to any celebration.  Right in front of their refrigerator-like machine, all you will have to do is pose as it captures your image.  After doing this four times (or even six, depending on the package), you shall get the “contact sheet” – a composite printout of your images – within at most a couple of minutes.  Instant photo souvenir indeed!

I’ve come across two vendors already – Pose N’ Print at Bom & Rizzie’s January 2009 wedding and BAICAPTURE at Ian & Marie’s last Saturday.

Of the many good deals that would come with the service package of your choice, the online gallery is the one I liked the most.  And surprisingly, even after seven months, I still got to access Bom & Rizzie’s gallery and download my photos!

I thought about putting them here.  The tie I wore was in Bom & Rizzie’s color motif – my subtle homage to the newlyweds.

Bom & Rizzie IMG_4421

Pose #1


Bom & Rizzie IMG_4422

Pose #2


Bom & Rizzie IMG_4423

Pose #3


Bom & Rizzie IMG_4424

Pose #4


Bom & Rizzie IMG_4424-logo

Something to last for a long time... the contact sheet, my instant photo souvenir!


Ian Marie Wedding - eNTeNG Deconstructed Barong 01

While I wait for BaiCAPTURE's online gallery for Ian and Marie's wedding, I thought about posting this one. I did close my collar before I started with my emceeing job.




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