Up, up and away

20 08 2009
Up - eNTeNG & Russell 00

That's me with a new found friend – Russell from Disney Pixar's "Up"

“SOUTH AMERICA is like America…  only south.”  I laughed so loud that I heard my own voice reverberate in the moviehouse.  I realized that the sound from the top of my lungs had drowned the modest chuckles the other moviegoers managed.  So to not melt under the stares thrown at my direction, I attempted to muffle my guffaws with the huge bite I took of my BBQ bacon mushroom burger I bought from Burger King.  The willingness to deaden my noise level through munching on the melange of protein and carbs in my mouth proved a bit futile.  So I took a sip of my root beer.

In the rush, I almost snorted my drink so I reached out for my hanky, only to realize that – just well within the first 15 minutes of the movie – I would be needing it to wipe my tearing eyes.  Yes, Disney Pixar’s “Up” could do that to you.  The first quarter hour that the story warped through time would tickle you at first, then hold your heart in its hand.  You could really tear up and not be sorry about it.  Spider-man broke my melodrama by snickering – his way of letting me know that he could bet that my tear had fallen as if on cue.  Hahaha!

The movie’s faithfulness to its monosyllabic title takes literal form when Mr. Fredricksen “balloons” above and around the earth by hoisting his house to – I guess – thousands of balloons.  The scene was truly magical to me.  When the balloons were finally revealed, I saw on screen the antithesis of a genocide of color.  I thought to myself that somewhere out there a rainbow must be very happy.  “Somewhere out there” – that sounded so “An American Tail”!

The other half of the movie is the kid named Russell.  The moment he shows up the second time – and in such a funny situation – I realized that he has got to be the cutest kid ever on any animated motion picture (but then again I haven’t seen a lot).  He was so cute and lovable as the over-eager and well-meaning wildlife boy scout of sorts that when he said in one scene that he was hungry, I wanted to run to the screen and offer him half of my burger and drink!

Though it was a running joke with Spider-man that what I was trying to drag him, Stave, and my other friends to was the screening of “And I Love You So,” the movie that Ms. Kris Aquino has so sincerely plugged on national television, I guess we got the better end of the deal by settling for “Up.”  At least on one thing, the two movies do strike a common chord.

Without giving much away (especially since in the trailer it wasn’t hinted), I have to say that “Up” has given a face to how people left behind end up reeling from a great sense of loss.  How easy it is to say that life indeed has to go on.  But how does it really?  As the movie unraveled, I guess I found the answer.  In one scene that reduced me to sniffles, I think I did find the answer.

I have a deep-seated difference with and loathing for the thought of “loss” that the movie sort of had a profound effect on me.  At one point I thought that for an animated motion picture, the resonating theme was kind of heavy.  But thankfully, as the adventure unfolded before my eyes – in synch with the deepening bond between Mr. Fredricksen and Russell – the sensible dialogue and the flawless computer animation made the 100-minute journey light.

“Up” is the kind of movie that I would stop a total stanger in the streets for, just so I could recommend it to him or her.  It’s a story any human being can relate to without the need to fight back the surge of emotions by downplaying it with a label such as “cheesy.”

And as for me, I loved all the scenes that capture the house flying, tied to all those balloons.  Somewhere inside my head I could hear The 5th Dimension cooing: “Up, up and away in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon…”

Just make that balloonsssssss for this great animated motion picture.

Up - eNTeNG & Russell 01

Destined to become another Disney Pixar classic – Russell.



7 responses

20 08 2009

soooooo loved “Up!”


20 08 2009

i told you it was nice!


20 08 2009
Harry Stamper

I’ve yet to see this movie! I saw the movie trailer and i was laughing my ass off! =))


20 08 2009
Dina Leah

Hi Enteng, I enjoyed reading your blog. My husband and I are big cartoons film lovers and I am really looking forward to watching “Up’ now. Hope to see you soon.


21 08 2009

I think Pixar has been the most consistent animation studio in recent times. I don’t think they ever produced a ‘bad’ film. That just goes to show that even in a genre geared towards children, a good story is still important and will get adults hooked too. And yes I already saw it and liked it a lot.


23 08 2009
Eyes Only

ayan bossing, buti naman at nahilig ka na sa cartoons, lalo na sa Pixar movies. 🙂

pasensya ka na bossing, i can’t resist a good joke – pero yung topmost picture, si Mr. Fredricksen ba at si Russell yun? hehehe!:)

ayan, makaka-quota na uli ako sa iyo! 🙂


24 08 2009

Pixar is Magic. Love them to bits!


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