Even a national hero said so

26 08 2009

“TO BE a prolific writer, a voracious reader first be.”  No, it wasn’t Yoda who said that.  But I’ve heard it once before and have actually espoused it since.

I got reminded of it the other day when I saw “The Last Journey of Ninoy” on TV.  It wasn’t mentioned verbatim, but one comment – spoken in the first voice, as if it was Ninoy himself narrating – rang with much the same truth.  I paraphrase, “I read and read and read what they wrote.  Soon enough, I learned to write on my own.”  He was speaking about how he learned the ropes of the journalism world, starting out as assistant at the then “The Manila Times.”

Whenever asked for tips on how to become a writer – not that I think highly of myself enough to think that I’m a prolific writer (Note:  I’m not fishing for compliments here!) – I would always start with the “be a voracious reader” bit.  That has always been one of only two tips I’ve kept on sharing with whoever asks.

The other tip is as simple as that one.

Notebook - Notebook Pile

Taking everything "literally" – that's my own "writing" in cursive.




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