Definitely not moldy sofa cushions

28 08 2009

TRUST SOME witticisms on primetime television to slam your synapses and remind you about a post you had unconsciously relegated to the backburner.


“You won’t like the muffins here.  They taste like sofa cushions covered in moldy nuts.”


While I pitied the woman onscreen who had to suppress her hunger pangs as she returned the muffin on the countertop display, I was just so thankful that I’ve never found myself in the same predicament.  I’ve been satisfied with my muffin finds, including those I’d usually get from this place.

My latest muffin discovery happened while I was busy perusing the four-panel menu display in Burger King.  Scanning left to right – and back again a number of times – I realized I still ended up undecided.  When I bowed my head to channel “The Thinker” – somehow hoping to appeal to the patience of the person next in line to me with the semblance of me struggling deep in thought – that’s when I saw it!

Otis Spunkmeyer - Blueberry Muffins 02

Newfound love – Otis Spunkmeyer® Low Fat Wild Blueberry Muffins!


Otis Spunkmeyer - Blueberry Muffins 01

The closer I get to you... Hahaha! My new fave.

Inconspicuously displayed to the right of the cash register was a display of three muffins from – drum roll pleaaassseeeOtis Spunkmeyer®.  Yes, the Otis Spunkmeyer of my happiest one-and-a-half years in Folsom!  I would have tumbled all over if what they had on display were my favorite oatmeal raisin cookies. But the muffins and cookies they did have on display looked just as tempting I couldn’t complain.  Specifically, they had these – wild blueberry muffins, chocolate chocolate chip muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and white chocolate macadamia cookies.

Otis Spunkmeyer - Blueberry Muffins 00

Part of my super yummy haul that night...


Otis Spunkmeyer - Cookies 00

What lie inside – a chocolate chip cookie on top of a white chocolate chip macadamia cookie!

A quick check of the packaging revealed that they were shipped here straight from the States.  And though they promise their treats to be “Oh…  so Good!™” and always “fresh baked,” something about being mass-produced and transported half-way around the world left me skeptical.  Besides, in the States I did get them straight out of the oven.  So understandably, with my haul of six muffins and six cookies, I lowered my expectations considerably.

But soon enough I realized that lowering my expectations was not needed at all.  The wild blueberry muffins – easily Spider-man’s favorite in the bunch – couldn’t even be thought of as dumbed-down versions of the literally freshly baked goodies they usually offer.  While most likely produced in huge batches, I could tell that Otis Spunkmeyer does believe that only the highest quality ingredients will do… and will go to their products.  The muffins were moist with a tender crumb, chockful of real wild blueberries!  And the best thing about them was that they clearly didn’t take literally what muffins are usually summarized to be – “sweet” and “quick” bread.  The sweetness was really just coy.  And though I’d almost always want my blueberry muffins to be topped with a yummy streusel of blueberry bits and a little coarse crust and crumbs, the glaze on top of Otis Spunkmeyer’s muffins did a great job just the same.  I think it even helped a lot in keeping the confection really moist!

Otis Spunkmeyer - Blueberry Muffins 04

Perfectly "glazed" muffin top on the Otis Spunkmeyer® Wild Blueberry Muffin!


Otis Spunkmeyer - Blueberry Muffins 05

The muffin really was chockful with real blueberries. Yummy!

I’ve yet to try the cookies.  But this early, Spider-man swears by the white chocolate macadamia already!

Otis Spunkmeyer - Blueberry Muffins 06

Highly recommended stuff! Otis Spunkmeyer® is surely a name to trust!

It takes the Summit to enchant and pique my curiosity

28 08 2009

EVEN WITH the friendships we forge, it helps to be able to find those that will help nurture the best things we like about ourselves – or at least, the best things we aspire to be.

While I take considerable caution to not cross the demarcation line towards “social mountain climbing” (hahaha!), I have to say I’m bolder in trying to surround myself with people whose intellectual capacity, whose wit, and whose high degree of sound knowledge could help make me create a better version of myself.  Summit happens to be one of these people.

My interactions with her when she was still handling video and events production here in the office were nothing less than enriching experiences for me.  She encouraged me to blog…  something I eventually succumbed to especially after I experienced myself just how powerful – just how moving – the written word can be.  That happened to me while reading several of her posts on her own blog.

This morning, I was so surprised to receive from her an e-Mail response to my shameless promotion of what I called my “review” of one movie I just saw.  I couldn’t help but quote here Summit’s reaction to my mention of “The Time Traveler’s Wife” in that previous movie post.

I’m super excited about Time Traveler’s Wife as well.  Do try to read the book too though.  The concepts lend itself well (and efficiently) to the written word, but onscreen I’m not sure how these will turn out.  The book allows you to linger on the possibilities and nuances of time and space.  Cinema doesn’t give you that leisure all the time.  But still, it’s worth watching!

Seriously, she just further piqued my curiosity over that movie.  And I have to say that she has put together in about just 67 words what would usually take me kilometers of print space to articulate.  Hahaha!

Thanks Summit for being an inspiration!


By the way, Summit is my good friend the Daphne Tatiana “Data” Tolentino-Canlas.