Best sound bites

3 09 2009

I WENT to bed last night with three things incessantly ringing in my head.  These thoughts kept ricocheting within the walls of my cerebellum convolutions that I thought I should better write them down here so just I could snatch them from right out of my consciousness.


“I only have one request, Noy.  Whatever you decide, please stay single.”

“Noy, it’s nice to be single!”

“Let’s all be in this together.  Pray together.  And stay single.”


I would assume that the good bachelor senator is now used to people throwing pieces of advice his way.  And should he find himself perched on the highest post in the land, all the more that these will find their way to his ears.

While Ms. Kris Aquino’s bold – no, make that trademark tactless – declarations may sound like too much information for the public, I guess the queen of all media only has the best, cleanest and most well-meaning intentions at heart.

I couldn’t imagine the Philippines without a Kris Aquino.

Sweet child of destiny

3 09 2009

THE QUESTION still remains:  Will our next president be someone predestined by unseen powerful forces or predetermined course of events?  Or someone catapulted to the top by the skillful influencing and controlling powers of our own hands?

Like with millions of Filipinos, one passage from Ms. Kris Aquino’s loving tribute and farewell to her mom has held my thoughts captive for weeks now.  “Noy, ikaw at ako ang nasa posisyon para ipagpatuloy ang lahat ng kanilang nasimulan.”  (Noy, you and I are the ones in the position to continue what they (obvious reference to their parents) had started.)

Up until that moment – exactly 29 days ago – I for one haven’t seriously toyed with the idea of this young single man from Tarlac holding the highest position in the land.  But one thing was for sure and cannot be denied – the death of their mother had, by that fifth day of August, finally shattered the glass ceiling that had seemingly safely capped the rising steam of a nation’s brewing, years-long discontent.  Once again, 26 years after Ninoy was assassinated and 23 years after democracy was restored through Cory, the Filipinos have awakened with their hopes appearing to be pinned to these icons’ only son – Nonynoy.

Destiny is calling Noynoy.  What is he to do?

From the good senator’s statement at the historical and sentimental Club Filipino, what is clear is that he is going on a soul-searching retreat.  To find his answer, most definitely yes.  To ask for a sign, could be.  That, after what Kris had implied previously and eventually declared last night to be a series of family meetings that had culminated in that discussion in her van with only her driver Mario as the sole witness to everything.

When destiny calls, it clearly demands the totality of someone and then some more.  My heart ached when Ms. Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, their eldest sister, got all choked up with emotion during a live interview that gave us a glimpse of how excruciatingly demanding this decision-making has become.  When Ms. Pinky Aquino-Abellada said through text to a senior broadcast journalist that she can put her life on hold for the next six years and just have it back, I felt their family’s altruism.  And when Kris – in what could only be likened to a totally spontaneous, sincere, unguarded moment – had to stomp her feet to plead to Boy to not add to the pressure on Noynoy by assuming an announcement is forthcoming on the ninth day of September, there isn’t an iota of doubt anymore in my mind that answering this call by destiny has indeed taken its toll on their lives.

I join Kris’ call to pray for Noynoy and their family that they will be able to do whatever is in the best interest of the country.  Noynoy – and the Aquino family – has inspired many Filipinos in a positively contagious manner that could put a pandemic to shame.  If he chooses to answer the invitation and the call of destiny, then he is indeed it’s sweet child.

And while Noynoy has expressed a number of apprehensions about how difficult the journey to Malacañang could be – foremost of his concerns being the lack of funds – he should be very well aware that the skillfull and influencing powers of “our own hands” have started to come into play.

Coming on the day after the nation commemorated National Heroes’ Day, Senator Mar Roxas’ supreme sacrifice and even Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s similar insinuations have made them the new breed of heroes in my eyes.  Together with Noynoy – and of course all his sisters – they breathe life to one claim that until recently has just been something I read day in and day out on a plaque on a wall at home:  “The world needs men whose ambitions are not confined to their own selfish desires.”