Lusting after more pieces that keep the time

7 09 2009

WITH THE sky above still overcast with thoughts of the recession, I find solace in spite of the fact that I wasn’t able to replenish my wristwach funds.  No, make that “raise” a wristwatch fund.  I bow my head in shame, which, while intended to help deeply take stock of a seeming failure, managed to open my eyes to where the vanishing funds went.  What I had previously dismissed as empty worries of a continually expanding girth are now a layer of fat beneath a skin with a tangible protrusion threatening to dent my study table.

But I’m renewing my resolve to get new wristwatches soon enough (Hahaha!).  Especially since I’ve come across two brands that have managed to capture my attention, hold it for a while – and put it under a spell.

The first one is called CHOTOVELLI – “Chotovelli E Figli Pilot Watches from Torino, Italy.”  I love love love big-faced pilot watches!  My two favorites from their collections are the Chotovelli TS 7700–1 (SKU: 77–1) and the Chotovelli TS 9950–1 (SKU: 995–1).  I think “TS” stands for Twin Spark.  I first came across this brand name when I read in the papers that its Philippine distributor presented their wristwatches to two men they had aptly called their “Chotovelli Men.”

Chotovelli’s official site is here.  And they have a blog too, here.

The second one I saw in the pages of an American magazine.  Their ad was an almost immaculate white that was beautifully blemished only by the image of a lone big-faced wristwatch.  The brand is called NIXON.  From their page on men’s wristwatches, I love the THE ZILLAMATIC, THE CERAMIC 51–30, THE CERAMIC 42–20, and THE VOLTA.  The last one is solar-powered!

Nixon’s men’s wristwatches can be viewed at their website here.



Wristwatch thoughts can’t help but bring back my previous timepiece-related posts.

From my Lust List: Morellato MASTER wristwatch, here.

Ticking away, here.

Puttin’ on the wrist, here.

Wristwatch - DIY Hermes 00

I think this photo fits in this post. This is actually something I kind of made. Made it my own, that's for sure!



One response

22 04 2010

I love Chotovelli watches. They are very well made and are quite noticable. Don’t wear one unless you like attention.


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