Cake from wedded bliss

8 09 2009

I DIDN’T really know where this came from.  I mean, it was given to me by Ian and Marie Subido on the evening of their wedding reception.  But I didn’t really know where they got this.  My best guess would be from the house bakeshop of the Diamond Hotel Philippines.  But I could be wrong as it could have easily come from another supplier.  The box and the card didn’t bear a single iota of a clue to trace it back to its origin.  But mind you, the box was pretty, a shimmering gold that contrasted beautifully with the pepperminty green ribbon that bound it shut – with only a cellophane window to allow a peek into the sinful content.

Ian Marie Wedding - Gift from Couple 00

"Let eNTeNG have cake!" – yummy gift from newlyweds Ian and Marie Subido.

I’m not a huge cake person.  But I do appreciate cakes – a whole lot.  I’ve always been a great fan of Cupcakes by Sonja, which to me are cake masterpieces all their own – just miniaturized.  I think that explains my love affair with cakes – I can only take them a little at a time!  But I do appreciate a good cake when I sink my teeth into one.  Just last weekend, I lazed motionless watching taped episodes of “My Celebrity Home” limited only to gastrointestinal motility with just the piercing motions of the fork in my hand through a dark mocha cake.

Ian Marie Wedding - Gift from Couple 01

This pretty sight greeted me when I lifted the box cover.

Which reminded me of this cake from my newly wedded friends.  The top was covered with a layer of really good mango puree, almost like a sauce.  The bright yellow surface was decorated with silly strings of chocolate sauce, as if emanating from the mound of candied cherries and walnuts clumped on one side.  Tightly fencing the circumference of the cake were ruched clouds of thick whipped cream also covered generously with strings of chocolate sauce, though this time in a unidirectional diagonal pattern.  The cream frosting cascaded down to the sides before they got generously slathered with shavings of dark chocolate.

Ian Marie Wedding - Gift from Couple 02

Mango puree, chocolate sauce, thick whipped cream, generous amount of chocolate shavings... what's not to love?!

Cutting through the cake, a three-tiered surprise was revealed.  Just beneath the mango puree lay what seemed to me as a meringue chockful with nuts.  It was chewy and reminded me actually of sansrival – except for the obvious cutback on the sweetness.  At the bottom of the cake was a dense, crumbly dark chocolate crust that almost felt like it was made from crushed cookies.  I loved that it was packed firm and had just the perfect bitterness to foil all the sweetness going on.  And sandwiched in between the meringue and the cookie crumb-like crust was some sort of chocolate mousse.  It was smooth.  It was delicate.  It was rich and frothy but didn’t annoy with its sweetness.

Ian Marie Wedding - Gift from Couple 03

Doesn't that slice look so good?!

Probably on its own – just the three layers of meringue, mousse and crust – the cake would be good.  But the addition of the mango puree on top made the whole confection great.  And the best thing about it was that the sweetness really tasted natural, obviously coming more from the goodness of mangoes than cups upon cups of refined sugar, that the resulting treat was far from being cloying.  So far.

We took it out of refrigeration to get small helpings.  But sadly, this cake didn’t see the light of the next day.

Ian Marie Wedding - Gift from Couple 04

A close shot of the first slice. My fave layer? The mousse =)



One response

28 09 2009
Jen Star

Hi Enteng! The cake is from Alex Franco.


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