9 09 2009

TODAY marks the 40th day of former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino’s passing.  Most everywhere I go, I still see yellow – a reminder of our nation’s beloved icon of democracy.

40 - Yellow for Tita Cory 00

Yellow ribbons are still around Town.


40 - Yellow for Tita Cory 02

I loved how the wind brought this ribbon to life. My camera just didn't really capture it.

In the flurry of the many things that were demanding my attention this morning – many approvals that had to be sent on their way – I was told by a colleague that Sen. Noynoy Aquino had already made at announcement at Club Filipino.

He has accepted the nation’s call.  He has responded to the invitation of destiny.

All the best to you Noynoy.  I could hear Kris’s voice ringing in my head, “Go, Noy!”

40 - Yellow for Tita Cory 03

IN ANTICIPATION OF SEPTEMBER 9th... I've never taken off my yellow Nike baller ID, a very simple homage to the late president and the Aquino family. Unlike the "livestrong" line, this one says "GOOOAL!"... how apropos to Noynoy's presidential bid.




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