The Caped Crusader on cotton

12 09 2009
The caped crusader on cotton

I sooo loved this print that I'm thinking about buying this shirt for myself!

ONE OF our newer engineers at work was looking at me through the bathroom mirror as I went on with brushing my teeth.  He had a really toothy smile on – I thought he was on the verge of a seizure – so I surmised he was just being proud about his pearly whites.  That was when I noticed that he was stretching his shirt to give me a good look at the print.  He probably thought I’d like it.  The first thought that hit my synapses was actually: “He reads my blog.”

It was the Caped Crusader on cotton.

I caution to call it “The Dark Knight on cotton” because it didn’t have the somber mood that I have always gotten from the Christian Bale-starred celluloid version.

Normally, I’d smirk at anybody who’d present to me something they would assume I’d like.  But this shirt, I did.  Really.  I went to as far as asking where he got it as I do intend to buy one for myself.  It appeared to be slim cut though.  Which to me means quite a struggle in the fitting room – getting the shirt past my chest and hopefully over my almost-podge belly.

As I went on with my Friday, I realized that it wasn’t only on cotton that I would get reminded of the caped crusader.  Later in the morning and all through the rest of the afternoon, I was in conversations with – whoelse?! – but the caped crusader himself, Batman.

He was teasing me about my very much belated birthday dinner treat for him.  But more importantly than that, I think he asked me to be of help on his MBA project.

I guess somewhere along our topspin-tennis-serve-and-volley text message exchanges, we’ve made a plan.

I can’t wait to meet up with him up above Gotham City.  Hahaha!