Chuck may have a thing for Superman

14 09 2009

BATMAN sent me a couple of links that got me all excited and so looking forward to the new season of “Chuck.”

I can’t help but share them with you.  One of my favorite NBC shows (Chuck!) has cast Superman Brandon Routh and Smallville alumna Kristin Kreuk!


I can’t wait for the new season to start!

Lost in conversations with superheroes and in parallel worlds in my head

14 09 2009
Alabang Town Center - Corte de las Palmas 00

Corte de las Palmas in Town

ONE THING about my superhero friends:  we really talk.  They are three people to and with whom I can share practically anything and everything – including my impeachable thoughts and acerbic opinions on things.  And when your political views can never be any more conflicting than when they do rest on polarized opposites, and still you manage to find the same things to be funny, I’ll make a huge wager that you have found a friend to last you for life.

And sometimes, somebody who wouldn’t mind giving you a ride to your dream destinations.  Which, for me as of late, has been Town on Friday nights.

Actually, I’ve learned that one sure way to discover real friends is to experience how they are outside the confines of the office.  Freed from the constricting fabric-lined rectangular panels that fence us in for the most part of the day, we actually reveal who we really are.  It may be through sharing gatronomic adventures, going to toy and hobbies conventions, seeing a movie and then tearing it apart later, or simply sharing a ride together.  Trust me, some of the most meaningful, character-revealing and character-building conversations happen within the confines of a car.

Fortunately enough for me – as I have alluded to above – I’ve always been given a ride to Town on Friday nights by one of my superhero friends.  Though we do get to talk a whole lot on all the other days of the week, I treat our Friday after-office chats as the fitting recaps to the week.  Especially the last one as I had a most eventful week.  But I won’t be writing about the details here as there are just some things I can only tell superheroes.  And truly – as that cheesy song goes – I would never trade these conversations no one hears.  Only food has stood witness – ever.  Last Friday, we subsisted on – among other stuff – four Lemon Square® cheese cupcakes.  As my superhero friend might need to save the world much later after he had dropped me off, he had a vitamin-and-antioxidant boost with his Big Chill® red grapes-and-lychee smoothie.  As for me, I would’ve opted for caffeine on an IV, but I had to settle for the fancy invigorating concoction of freshly brewed coffee, steaming hot milk, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream that Coffee California® calls Mocha Manic.

My superhero friend would usually ask what I would do at Town.  Dinner a Pepper Lunch has been a requisite stop as of late.  And yes, a movie too.  But this last time – as I crossed the orderly parking lot surrounded by trees with rain-drenched yellow ribbons – I found myself drawn back to a place that I had used to frequent to lose myself in a distraction from the bright lights and the beautiful people – Powerbooks.  Yes, I did have to say beautiful people.  For some reason, Town is one of those malls where the coolness and beauty quotient could be so high that I break out in spots.  So better be within a book’s reach just so I could bury my face in it if I had to.

Powerbooks was having a sale.  And I was so tempted to dig deep into the piles where I could get one title for free with a single receipt purchase worth a thousand.  But that would definitely mean eating up precious minutes I could better devote to reading.  So I headed directly to the wall where they have the celebrity chef cookbooks – the first section I always gravitate towards.  Their current featured chef was Gordon Ramsay, with whom I share the same recipe for amazing chicken broth.  I piled up as many books as I could.  But before heading to my favorite seating section right up front – where the spotlights would warm my feet – I swung by the local publication shelf and reached out for a few compilations.

I found myself sandwiched in between two ladies of leisure who were oblivious to my presence and my heavy stack of bound printed matter.  They were burrowing deep into their own captivating reads – lifestyleasia, Town&Country, Metro Society.  I began with my first title and in minutes, was lost into my own world as well.

That’s what has always fascinated me with reading.  You can get totally lost and caught up in the parallel world it creates in your head.  And it would take the reflex to glance at my black Technomarine wristwatch to tell me that I still existed in the real world where a good few hours had already passed from when I first cracked open the book topmost on my pile.  The “real world” where my plans had obviously gone – pun right ahead! – not as I had planned.

So I hauled my stack to replace them on their shelves.  But not without first taking a good look as to which would be worth purchasing.  I took a couple of titles.  Then I went to the magazine section and fixed it with a long stare.  I wasn’t waiting to hear any of them in my head asking me to buy them.  I was hoping something on the texts on the covers would leap out to pique my interest.  I did find one – the Kris Aquino magazine, featuring “26 WONDERFUL LESSONS I learned from my mom.”  I thought to myself that Friendship would appreciate a copy too.

I fulfilled my metabollic needs that I had staved off for hours, and went on my way home.

At home, I devoured in one sitting the 260-page book I bought!  I turned open its cover very late into Friday night and was through with it even before the sun broke free from the clouds.  I even had time to finish the magazine.  Both were such great reads!  I could hear Friendship’s approval in my head.

Hmmm…  voices in my head…  better catch some zzz’s now!

Kris Aquino Magazine

A worthwhile and really inspiring read – the Kris Aquino magazine, featuring "26 wonderful lessons I learned from my mom." I'm thinking about sending this to a couple of people in Singapore...