16 09 2009
Jollibee Amazing Aloha 00

Gotta love Jollibee! This actually had the Amazing Aloha!

MY GRANDMOTHER who I fondly call “Mommy” marked her 88th birthday in the first week of September.  I didn’t make it to her celebration in Tagaytay as I still had the sniffles then after a few days’ bout with the flu.  In this day and age, anything that even remotely resembles flu-like symptoms can make a pariah out of anyone.  It was okay as even I opted for self-regulation.  I didn’t want her to get sick because of me.

So since it’s been a good 10 days, I decided to pay her a visit after office hours today.  If I’d have my way, I would love to be around her often as she is a very engaging conversationalist.  Just now, I realized that we have very opposing views on who to support in the upcoming presidential elections.  I admire her for her very strong opinions.  And I could tell she has respect for my own choice on who could lead the nation.  Later on, she reminded me about her fondness for “Tayong Dalawa” (The Two Of Us) and “May Bukas Pa” (There’s Still Tomorrow).  I couldn’t really catch on.  But I really chuckled that she was even aware about the minor accident Coco Martin had on the set!  Hahaha!

She told me about her birthday and the visit they made to one of my aunts’ newly constructed rest house which my youngest brother designed, planned, and interior-decorated.

If I’d ever have any doubts about being loved, she never fails to make me feel that I am (growing up, she’d tell me that I was her number two favorite).

Everytime I’d have the chance, I would tell her I love her very much.  I think she knows it.  Last year – on my birthday – I accompanied her all the way to the operating room for her emergency hip replacement surgery.  I volunteered to be there with and for her after her (many) doctors said they were allowing one family member to be with her.  Yes, she had many doctors – the orthopedic surgeon, a cardiologist, a pulmonologist (she has had asthma for decades), an internist, and a physical therapist.  She suffered a really bad fall after my cousin’s wedding reception.  She lost her balance because of a speeding car that made a sharp turn as she was crossing the lot to go to the car (another cousin was leading her).

For this visit, I brought her one of her favorites.  JollibeeBida ang saya!