Taken to tea

18 09 2009

I THINK I’m moving to the dark side.  For the coffee drinker that I am, this is quite a departure.

Taken to Tea 05

The authentic Japanese green tea they serve at Pepper Lunch.

I’m reminded about this threatening change in me as I write this, as an empty – yet still quite fragrant – sleeve of TWININGS™ OF LONDON Passion Fruit, Mango & Orange flavoured black tea is shoved onto my face.  The arrest of citrusy notes is exactly the calming effect I sorely need right now.


This is the sleeve of the TWININGS™ OF LONDON passion fruit, mango and orange tea I was having and sniffing last night when I was making this post.

My bout with a few days of coughs and colds in the first week of September proved to be the opportune time to rediscover tea.  Everything then was bland to me.  And everytime I would find myself attacked by colonies that would find settlement in my upper respiratory tract – rendering my tonsils closed for days on end – I would be beyond consolable.

But tea leaves proved to be persistent enough to find its way through clogged olfactory filaments.  I love the initial whiff I would get – top notes to perfumes – everytime a tea bag would break the surface of briskly boiling water.  Unlike with the aromas of freshly roasted coffee beans, the gust from steeping tea is subtle with nuances of fruits, herbs and flowers.  And the steam that rises carries with it bigger, bolder, more pronounced scents as the water continues to extract the very essence of the leaves.

I’m loving tea.  But I’m not to even preach about how exactly calming it is, per my claim above.  And come to think of it, my opening line sounds so paradoxical.

Taken to Tea 03

I had these in succession.


Taken to Tea 00

This tea was part of a pasalubong (gift / present from travel).


Taken to Tea 04

I love green tea to go with my Pepper Lunch meals.



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