Wearing my heart around my wrist

22 09 2009
Swiss Army + Yellow Blue Baller IDs 00

The blue is for Mar. The yellow is for Noynoy.

I’M SO done with wearing my heart on my sleeve – I’ve actually never ceased doing that.  I’ve decided to wear it around my wrist this time for a change.

The yellow is for Noynoy.  And the blue is for Mar.  I can’t wait for the 2010 elections!

eNTeNG making list

22 09 2009

CHRISTMAS IS undeniably around the corner when newscasts end with their these-many-days-to-go-before-Christmas countdown.  And for me this year, I actually am holding a couple of countdowns – the other one is at “36 days to go” as I write.  (I spoke too soon.  There’s a third one at “62 days to go.”)

I also know that the season is upon us when I myself begin seeing stuff in the malls that I would want to surprise someone with.  And given that the recession is still hovering above us like an overcast sky, I’m thinking about window-shopping this early as a good enough preparation to shove my “it’s the thought that counts” belief upon just about everybody.

Of course I’m just kidding.

Last Friday, I took down on my Starbucks® date planner and journal my very first note about a Christmas 2009 gift idea for someone.  I was seated comfortably at my favorite spot at Powerbooks in Town and as I excitedly turned a page of Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa at Home – I couldn’t wait to check her version of marinated raw tomato sauce! – my sight hit the display diagonally across the other side of the piazza.

Christmas Present - Lacoste Shirt Note 00

Taken down at the exact moment of epiphany – seeing the very first item on my gift list this year.

The handwritten note I took reads: “18th September 2009, 07:43 P.M., Lacoste dark brown with multi-colored stripes polo shirt…  town…

I’ll be saving up for this one.  I know exactly who to give this to.

Lacoste Shirt 01

When it comes to Lacoste shirts, I'm partial to the ITALIAN FIT. By the way, these aren't the ones I saw on display at Town last Friday (I said what I saw was brown!). These are from about a year ago. But they look kinda similar anyways.


Lacoste Shirt Box 00

I think it would be nice for anyone to receive this box and paper bag bearing gifts!