200 a.k.a. Making Harry Stamper proud

24 09 2009

THIS POST is definitely not about summoning two-thirds of Gerard Butler’s army of CGI-enhanced abs of steel.

It’s not even the starting number of a countdown before I hurl wristwatches or fine bone china at a wall just so I could deal with all the stupidity around me.  I’d rather that either a fine Swiss timepiece or an exquisite piece of porcelain sustain shattering force upon impact.  It’s a choice between that and my arteries bursting.

200th Post Comment from Harry

Unknowingly, Harry Stamper set a goal for me before the year ends. And I've now moved past it! Yehey!

This post is about making one of my good friends proud of me somehow.  With “Wearing my heart around my wrist,” I mark my 200th post on this blog. Way before December.  Way before the year ends.

Without me noticing until now.

If I were getting thousands of hits a day, I would deem a “200th post” promo apropos.  But I’m so far far away from that.  So far that it’s not even a ribbon in the sky.  So far that it’s more like a minute dot in the vast tapestry of a starlit sky.

To all of you who read this – eNTeNG  c”,)™©’s  MunchTime™© – thank you.  (My 100th post was three months, three weeks ago.)

200th Post

200 posts!




5 responses

25 09 2009
Harry Stamper

WOW! Me very proud of You! =))


26 09 2009

Thanks a lot, Harry! I’m actually backed up on my blog posts lately. Work has been quite toxic. But I’m getting by. Sometimes, I’m so inggit with what you do. Makes me wish to be in an oil rig too. Hahaha!


26 09 2009
Harry Stamper

I’m crossing my fingers that soon.. very soon that i’d permanently work on one.. wish me luck! =))


26 09 2009

Count me in to be crossing my own fingers too for that to happen! I’ll be praying for it. Take me there. Hahaha!

I’m praying right now too for all of my and your/our friends… that they be kept safe in the midst of this storm.

i’ve never been this worried. you take care there too!


26 09 2009
Harry Stamper

it’s all over the news… be safe.. stay home.


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