Deluge of apocalyptic proportions

27 09 2009

AT 2:44 A.M. this morning, I realized that I hadn’t moved past page 51 of this latest novel I’m reading.  It was not because it was such a snoozefest.  It was because I still couldn’t come to terms with the typhoon that had devastated most of Metro Manila and Luzon.  I realized that a novel wasn’t enough to take my mind off what had just happened – which, in most other places… was still happening at that time.  A couple of hours ago, the movie The Sum of All Fears was on free TV.  I just let it play on and from time to time I’d glance at the title.  It had taken tangible form to me.

All the news said was signal number one.  But when I saw all the heartbreaking images on TV, all I could think of was that it was too much rain for a signal number one.  It flooded where it had never had before.  A month’s worth of precipitation all in six hours.  Gosh.

My family and I were spared from the wrath of the storm.  But I couldn’t rejoice knowing how so many others had to – literally – weather, face and stand with courage the onslaught of heavy rains, the rising floodwater, the threat of electrocution, the thoughts of going hungry for hours or even days.  Yes, recue efforts were being undertaken.  But when one rescue leader choked up and broke down on a live interview, a lump formed in my throat thinking just how much devastation they had to see and bear.

In the comforts of my little bedroom I felt so thankful both my cellphone providers didn’t die on me in such state of chaos and calamity.  I texted and called up every single person I care about.  The least I could do for my family and friends was to check on them.  It broke my heart to know that one of them had to leave his car behind and wade through neck-deep water just to make it home where ironically, there wasn’t flooding on their street passed the village gate.  I wanted to somehow chide him for leaving home that morning, but this was not the time for any of that.

I got hold of everybody, except for one.  And up until this very moment, I’m waiting to hear back from him.  I’m asking God to please watch over him and his family.  And over all the others who had suffered.

And anybody who helped somebody else in need is a superhero in my book.

Superhero Best Friend - Superman 00


Superhero Best Friend - Superman 01


Superhero Best Friend - Spider-man 01


Superhero Best Friend - Batman 01


Superhero Best Friend - Batman 00


EDIT:  Finally heard back from my friend at 08:54:29 A.M. today, 28 September 2009.  Thank you, God!