Hit very close to home

28 09 2009
Ondoy photo by Ryan Arboleda

Just one photo that captures the devastation brought by Ondoy. Photo courtesy of my friend Ryan Arboleda, as posted on his facebook account.

LIKE CLOCKWORK I was back at the office this morning.  I had my Monday morning priorities straight.  It was as business as usual as it has always been.  It was as if a ferocious storm didn’t come lashing the past couple of days.  (I originally wrote down torrential rains.  But “torrential” seems an understatement right now.)

I didn’t know if it was proper to even smile whenever people asked me if we were affected by the flashflood (because fortunately we were spared).  It had become so much more uneasy when I got to see all the footages of actual rescue efforts and actual despair and helplessness.

But what I thought was proper was to speak to God and thank Him, and trust Him in His infinite wisdom.

I don’t know anybody whose life hasn’t been shaken or touched by what just happened.  With just the people I care about, I didn’t stop until I had heard back from each of them.  The last one finally got to send me a reassuring note just this morning.  Again, I’m so thankful.

But as we all know, not too many people’s lives will ever be the same again after this.  So let’s please do whatever we can to help one another out.  It may not even have to be with cash.  Personally, I’m going to start with the shirts neatly folded in my closet.

We can be one another’s hero.  What one of my favorite American essayists Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote actually comes to mind: “…to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded.”

Facebook, Twitter, and media websites have details how we can help.