9 10 2009

OUR WIDE area network (WAN) at the office just had to have a force majeure all its own yesterday.  It seemed that natural causes wreaking havoc – making U-turns – weren’t enough.  Our private connection to the outside world just had to throw a tantrum.

So at 4:00 PM on the dot, I asked Spider-man if we’d have a walk last night (if “may lakad”…  hahaha!).  The Tycoon tagged along.

I thought it was one of those “movie night” nights, so we agreed to catch anything showbiz capitalists bankrolled and committed to celluloid.  I was keen on watching what a lot have already been calling a lame excuse for a remake of a cult classic – Fame!

We ended up catching something already on its third week – Yaya & Angelina:  The Spoiled Brat Movie.  I thought Spider-man could use a good laugh, especially since I think he is the most swamped among us.  If reviews on national broadsheets and movie critics’ quips quoted on the movie’s poster were to be trusted, I was in for a major treat.  But I kept reality in check and didn’t leave it at the door as I entered the moviehouse with considerably lower expectations.

I’ve never seen their segment on Bubble Gang so I felt I went in there with a fresh set of eyes.  The movie turned out to be good enough entertainment.  But I didn’t find anything that tickled me enough to let out really boisterous laughter.  The best lines for me were all of Yaya’s inadvertent efforts at murdering the title of the Duchess of Wellington (yes, the screenplay was able to throw in European royalty in the mix!)  My favorite was “Charges of Arlington.”  On that one I laughed.

Michael V. was unabashedly hailed by a respected Filipino movie critic as a comic genius by virtue of this role.  I’ll caution to do the same.  Though Michael V. was really good in the film.  His Yaya was really tempered and not loud.  I wasn’t bored.  The biggest surprise?  Ogie making the role of the spoiled brat believable and likeable.

There was just way too much orange in almost every scene.  The subtlety of the movie’s political inclination was just not refined.  But that’s just me.  It probably meant nothing at all.  Like the character of royalty, it could’ve just probably been thrown in in the mix, not helping at all in making the story plausible.

Kimmy Dora:  Kambal Sa Kiyeme was waaaayyy so much better.


Epilogue:  After getting our stuff from Spider-man’s car, the Tycoon and I walked our own way.


eNTeNG            :  So Tycoon, can we now answer the question, “Jologs ka ba?”

(A teaser for a Jologs contest at the office was released earlier in the day)

Tycoon              :  Yes.

eNTeNG            :  Me, I’ll answer that with a resounding yes!

Tycoon              :  Whatever.


I was with a spoiled brat!  Hahaha!