Fall in the halcyon days of summer

13 10 2009

Classic Confections - Sugarfree Lemon Torte

I CLAIMED fall to be the operative word in February.  Somehow, whatever inspiration drove my brain cells to go haywire and leap out of the tip of my fingers on to the surface of acid-free Moleskine, has gone latent.  Until now when an anecdote – and a few bars from a song – made its presence evident again.

I wasn’t really ready but then again I thought I could try for your love.  Probably, all those many sunsets meant something.


“What was that again you wanted to say?”  I looked at your direction and asked.

“Oh, got a few words for you.”

“And they are?”  I asked, short of inquiring, my heart racing.



“I…  love…”

Finally the words are coming out.

“I…  love…”


The longest pause.


I left you.



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