The perfect pomodoro

15 10 2009
Perfect Pomodoro Sauce 02

For the perfect pomodoro sauce – Hunt's Diced Tomatoes and Hunt's Stewed Tomatoes with fresh romas.

I’VE BEEN seriously needing comfort lately.  Just one of those moments when it suddenly feels so cold you need to pull the covers over your head just to keep warm and get some sleep.

And it sucks when your favorite warm blanket still needs to be tumbled to dry.

One restless night – when yet another shallow low-pressure area had gathered enough strength and winds blowing from the right direction – I got up searching for comfort.  Trust me, it wasn’t as sleazy as my words made it sound.  What I wanted was just a really good belly-pleaser.  And when I stared at the cupboard, I knew exactly what to make for myself.

My usual angel hair pomodoro.

Perfect Pomodoro Sauce 03

I prefer really ripe – yet firm – roma tomatoes.

Yes, I know what you may be thinking.  Yet another one of those pomodoro posts.  But this one turned out so good I just have to post here the combination of the different kinds of tomatoes that gave me what I would shamelessly claim to be my perfect angel hair pomodoro!  (“My,” not “the.”)

In place of the tomatoes in my recipe, I used one can each of Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes and Hunt’s Stewed Tomatoes, and seven ripe plum tomatoes.  (Hunt’s Stewed Tomatoes are so good I snack on them straight out of the can!)

The resulting sauce, tossed with steaming hot San Remo Angel Hair cooked 45 seconds shy of package directions, felt like a tight embrace on a restless night.



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