Greenbelt 5

19 10 2009
Greenbelt 5 - Royce' Store

Greenbelt 5

IT WAS the 13th of November in 2008.  Batman and I maneuvered our way through a product launch in Greenbelt 4.  We had dinner at Fely J’s in Greenbelt 5.  We had dessert and tea and coffee at Classic Confections also in Greenbelt 5.

We had a great night – the night that somehow saw this blog to fruition.

Christmas was already in the air then and we marveled at the giant Christmas trees.  While Batman wondered aloud that even the gentle breeze belied the fears of a looming recession, I directed his attention to construction work that was well on its way to completion.

Emblazoned on floor-to-ceiling tarpaulin were “Audemars Piguet,” “Jaeger Le Coultre,” “IWC,” “Panerai,” “Breitling,” “Patek Philippe,” “Omega,” and “Rolex.”  Finally, eight of the world’s finest names in timepieces were opening flagship stores in the Philippines!  All housed under one roof – the brand spanking new Greenbelt 5!

Image097-Patek Philippe

Batman and Patek

Being a wristwatch lover myself, I’ve visited these stores already in the past year.  I can’t really afford these but I thought it would be nice to look at aspirational stuff from time to time.  Hahaha!  Reality really does sink in everytime I would see the P 660,000.00 price tag on this particular Panerai I fancy.


Batman, Breitling and eNTeNG c”,)™©

Everytime I’d pick up my Royce’ usuals – their kiosk is right under the escalator, just a few steps away from the Rolex boutique – I’d spend time staring at the beautiful wristwatch displays.  They are my Tiffany’s.

So imagine my horror when news about yesterday’s daring heist at the Rolex boutique broke out!  I was supposed to go there as I was picking up tickets at the nearby Ayala Museum.  If I had been one of the unfortunate mall-goers trapped in the shootout, it would’ve been the third in a series of unfortunate events since Friday.  A Mitsubishi pickup backed up on me last Friday night.  Then an undomesticated cat almost gnawed on my left hand.

I just saw a text message from Partner saying that she was trapped inside when the shootout happened.  I’m so thankful she’s safe now.  Good thing she didn’t have time to rush to the basement parking when everything was happening (as I think getting away from it all would be a knee-jerk reaction).

If anything bad happened to Partner, gosh, so many would cry!

Happy birthday, Michael James Fisher!

19 10 2009

OCTOBER 18TH, Sunday, marked the birthday of one of my really good good friends in the whole wide world – the Michael James Fisher.

I hope this post still makes it to 12:00 MN Pacific Standard Time.

Here’s wishing my good friend all the Adidas Sambas to his heart’s content, and more flag football and frisbee games to keep him fit!

Though I guess his two kids are all the exercise he needs nowadays.  Happy happy birthday!

Adidas Samba - Michael James Fisher

Adidas Samba - the favorite shoes of the Michael James Fisher!