Happiness is

20 10 2009

I HAVE never gotten over the loss of my red string bracelet that I bought at the gift shop fronting the ticket counter of Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai.

But probably, I soon will.  You see, I just got a note from Harry Stamper saying that the bracelets he has ordered for me have just arrived via courier!  Notice the “s” – bracelets.  My knack for contingency plans kicked in when I sort of demanded for those – not one, but two – as pasalubong (presents).

Thank you very much, Harry!  I owe you big time.


The Jin Mao Tower red string bracelet that I "lost" ... never quite got over it.


Bracelet From Harry

An image of how the red string bracelets from Harry look like – of course minus the crystal slider pendant. Thanks again, Harry! I'll wear them on my left wrist (my "receiving" side) for good fortune 🙂