Sea of lights

21 10 2009

I JUST feel so blue.

Good thing someone super nice sent me some photos which I’ve been looking at since.  Both to wax nostalgic, almost melancholic…  and to feel hopeful.

I almost called this post “City of Lights.”  But he suggested a better one.  Which I’ve made into the title of this post.

Thanks a lot, you-know-who-you-are.




A tale of two tees

21 10 2009

FOR YET another time, I’m shamelessly stealing words of the Charles Dickens.  To be specific, four of the five words in the title of his masterpiece of a novel – A Tale of Two Cities.  And as with the first time I stole Mr. Dickens’ words, my choice for the fifth word of my blog post’s title is daring enough to steal even the manner by which the novel’s title is uttered.  “Tees” live up to the continuant fricative sound – “cities” – as the word is forced through the constricted passage formed by my lips.

I just realized that while my two current favorite t-shirts are both in shades of navy blue, they couldn’t be any more polar opposites.

One came from the East Coast where everything’s high fashion, theatrical, artsy-fartsy.  The other came from the West Coast where everything’s klieg lights, really big movie studios, and even bigger celebrity egos.

Tale of Two Tees - David Letterman

Snapshot taken at The Podium. T-shirt on somebody very very important.


Tale of Two Tees - UC Davis 00

I'm really lovin' this UC Davis T-shirt I have on today.