RAUL, Francesco TOTTI and Harry

24 10 2009
For the love of the game 00

Eight football jerseys in all. All Harry's.

IT IS just a couple of hours before midnight.  It’s one of those nights when I expect to fall asleep after a really long day.  But the zzz’s are just nowhere to be caught.  And since I’m getting exhausted waiting to lose consciousness – it’s the waiting that gets to me – I got up and just thought I’d rather wait for inspiration to come and hopefully be productive.  I’m tickling the keyboard seeing if a blog post will come out of it.

On my YM, everybody is offline except for a couple who I suppose could be at work.  I see that a dialogue box still remains open – my day’s conversation with the Oil Rigger.  We’re getting to be real good friends so I’m starting to think he might want to opt for a superhero name instead.  I left work on the dot – hey, it’s TGIF! – but I know he stayed at his until about an hour ago.

I don’t remember him declaring triumph over his battle with sleep deprivation… just yet.  And since he seems to have been preferring “appearing offline” lately, I don’t feel as guilty to buzz him.

“Still up?”

The moment he acknowledges, I start firing off messages, making a dramatic pause on a one-liner that said nothing but: “sadness.”  Oh, of course with a sad “smiley” emoticon.  Like the good friend that he is, he immediately types back: “something wrong?

I instantaneously respond with: “di ko alam” (I don’t know.)

We’re going on with our conversation, with me blabbering away through the keys until my hands come to a screeching halt upon reading: “seriously, what’s wrong with you?”   The “Grey’s Anatomy” of it all catches me by surprise.  Though I tell myself that if Harry was going for the full Seattle Grace Hospital dramatic impact, he would’ve parcelled out his message into two, beginning with:  “what’s wrong with you?”   Then underscoring the gravity of my situation with: “seriously.”

I pull my eyes away from the LCD, scroll up a bit, and really read what has gone on.  It is only then that I realize that Harry and I have been referring to totally different things.  Seriously.  But I appreciate his concern.  Yes – seriously.

Getting our synchronicity back, I tell him that I’m waiting for inspiration to come in.  But since it is already a few minutes before midnight, I tell him that I won’t mind if inspiration chooses to kick in, rather than come in.  I guess a good kick to the head is all I need.  Our talk makes a sharp turn to our sources of inspiration.  I’m telling you, it’s not as deep as you think.  Hahaha!

Before long, I have to rehash my favorite question in the wee hours: “Still up?”   My fear to be dismissed turns out to be unfounded when Harry actually tells me about a post on facebook that he is working on.  I tell him I haven’t logged on my account for at least a week.  He asks me to wait for it – and check it out – as it is something I will never have expected.  More talk ensues.

It is an album of his favorite football jerseys – eight in all.  Trying to catch his own zzz’s, he thought about an hour ago to lay these precious items on the bed and take photos of them.  I tell him that I love the one that says “10” – alluding to my birthday.

For the love of the game 05

Jersey #10 – Francesco TOTTI. This is Italy's national team jersey.


eNTeNG:  “I love the one that says ‘10’”

eNTeNG:  “my birthday is a ‘10’”

Harry     :  “you know what?”

Harry     :  “the jersey beside it”

Harry     :  “the one that says Siemens Mobile”

Harry     :  “at the back of it is no. 7”

Harry     :  “hehe”


For the love of the game 04

Jersey #7 – RAUL Gonzales Blanco. This is Real Madrid's jersey. Harry Stamper is their biggest fan!

OH-EM-GEE!  Now that’s my birthday – July 10!  I seriously – there’s that adverb again – reconsider my earlier claim that the jerseys are nice.  Because after an epiphany like that, I feel that the jerseys are speaking to me.  They are not just nice.  It’s as if they belong to me.  Hahaha!

For the love of the game 08

The national team jersey of Spain. This is Harry's favorite. Actually, one of two.

Dawn is about to crack and Harry still needs to get up early to render overtime at that city of lights.  Before dozing off he asks if I finally got my inspiration.

Yeah, I do.  And it’s not about food.


[I’m talking to Harry and writing this while a football game is actually going on on Balls TV.  It’s Spain vs. Estonia.  Harry finds it amusing.]

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