Harry highly recommends

26 10 2009
Fully Booked 02

John Grisham's "The Partner" sits atop other distinguished works.

I’VE BEEN devouring John Grisham novels one after another.  When Harry Stamper realized this, not only did he wonder if I had already seen the season 3 premiere of The Big Bang Theory but he also – and more importantly – made a recommendation.

So I scoured the city, from National Bookstore to anywhere and everywhere they sell second hand.  Fortunately, I found the book at a Booksale outlet.  This copy lacks the dust jacket but for the price I paid for it – just under 200 pesos – it was quite a steal.  Funny that it is only now that I’m sort of rediscovering John Grisham and not when I had two complete sets – all hardbound – resting on the shelf.  Back then the spines just looked so pretty to stare at – from “A Time To Kill” all the way to the “King of Torts”.  I’ve since given those away.

Fully Booked 03

Title page of "The Partner"

As with other John Grishams I finished in one sitting, I’m finding when best to crack this open, lest I wreak havoc with my schedule.


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Fully booked

26 10 2009
Fully Booked 00

Books I intend to read again. I got all these second hand, except for "A Beautiful Mind" by Sylvia Nasar which I got at Borders.

MERRIAM-WEBSTER – the dictionary you hold in your hands, not today’s online incarnation – got me started to reading.  I mean really read.  Not recite the alphabet or count to ten.  That had already been taken care of by the time I realized I could bury myself deep in thought – with full concentration – in a book.  (By virtue of being a physical object consisting of a number of pages bound together, a dictionary is a book.)  This Merriam-Webster I’m referring to was my grandmother’s.  It was a very old copy and by that time in the 80’s when I would sit at the dining table going through it word through word, the spine had already given way.

I miss having all the time in the world to lose myself in a book, totally unmindful of the hours.  But there just seems to be not enough time lately.  I would keep on failing “finding” the time.  Then it occurred to me that the reason why I couldn’t find it was because I needed to “create” it in the first place.  So I’ve resolved to “make” the time – against “find” the time – to read.  Again.

Over the very very busy weekend, I went through my books and picked out some that I will read again.  Like the ones on the photo here, I got most of my beloved books at weekend community book sales in the States – save for “A Beautiful Mind” by Sylvia Nasar which I got at full price at Borders.  The screen play of “The English Patient” is one of two I have (the other being “Shakespeare In Love”).  I haven’t read quite that many autobiographical work but I’ll go out on a limb to say that Katharine Graham’s “Personal History” could be one of the best.

Fully Booked 01

That doorstopper of a book – "Personal History" – is the autobiography of Katharine Graham, the heiress to the Washington Post fortune.

The first step I’m taking is get these books out of one of the small cabinets I have, stack them on one of the shelves of my study table, and hopefully reach out for them and read.


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