Late lunch munch

7 11 2009
Brunch - Tosilog 00

My filling plate of "tosilog" – sweetened cured pork, a sunny side up, and lots of garlic fried rice!

I WOKE up really late today – shameless at 02:08 PM.  Getting up from bed, my first stop would always be the kitchen.  Today’s lunch fare was “nilagang spareribs” (a gingery soup of pork spareribs with lots of fresh vegetables).  But somehow it didn’t feel like one of those “nilaga” days for me.

This was one of those times when I would feel really thankful for being adept in the kitchen.  Why?  Because the fulfillment of my tummy would never have to be at the mercy of somebody else.  With a few very basic ingredients and the manual dexterity that allows me to mince garlic or chop onions like there’s no tomorrow, I can put together a plate that can satisfy me not only in terms of filling my tummy but also in feeding my soul.

So this was what I ended up putting together.  Not quite a culinary challenge but definitely something really tasty!  In the vernacular, this is called “tosilog,” a concatenation of a syllable each from the three main components of the dish – “tocino (sweetened cured pork),” “sinangag (garlic fried rice),” and “itlog (an egg, cooked sunny side up).”

The tocino was store-bought.  It usually doesn’t really matter to me where it comes from.  The technique to end up with really tender tocino is in the cooking.

I may have somehow snubbed the spareribs.  But I have a sneaking feeling that I’d end up having it for dinner later.  Hahaha!

Brunch - Tosilog 01

The secret to really tender tocino is in the cooking!


Brunch - Tosilog 02

I had seconds of this! And I always want my sunny side up to be just like that – with the yolk not done, but not too liquid.


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