Mystery ensaymada

11 11 2009
S&R Ensaymada 01

The mystery ensaymada

I FOUND a shopping bag full of ensaymada at home.  I was told they were a gift.  The individual pastries didn’t bear labels as to their provenance.  But the shopping bag says “S&R.”  My favorite chocolate chip chocolate muffin comes from them.

S&R Ensaymada 03

A tight shot of the ensaymada

I realized that ensaymada was again one of those Filipino delicacies that do not exactly translate in English.  I found this out when I gifted a fellow engineer in the States with a box that he shared at an office potluck.  He asked me what they were called and his question stumped me.

He helped me out by proposing that they resemble the brioche – a soft, airy pastry made with flour, milk, eggs, sugar and butter, baked to a tender crumb.  The Filipino version is made even more special by a spread of butter, probably a little dusting of sugar, and a generous grating of the best cheese – even aged Edam (“queso de bola”).

S&R Ensaymada 08

The actual bread part itself was so yummy as is.


S&R Ensaymada 10

Gotta love all that cream!

These nameless ones – which I’ve since been referring to as “S&R” ensaymadas – were exactly that and more!  The sweetness of the actual bread perfectly tempered the coy sharpness of the grated cheese that had almost melted.  And the butter was not exactly just butter but buttercream whipped to a whitish frenzied fluff.  They went perfectly with coffee!


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One response

2 09 2010

i like s&r’s double choco muffin too 😀

try the ensaymada from rustan’s. a pack of 6 cost around P50 lang!


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