Separation anxiety

11 11 2009

THERE ARE exactly fourteen pages left on my 16-month STARBUCKS® Date Book & Journal (with weekly calendar views – seven days on one page – and journal pages) from Singapore.  Partner handed it to me personally over dinner at Abé in Serendra, 28th October 2008.  My short account of the sumptuous spread we had that night (bamboo rice, crispy pork adobo, and gising-gising), dessert at Cupcakes by Sonja (chocolate cream pie and pumpkin sweet spice cupcake), and boxes upon boxes of Krispy Kreme we later lugged to her car, was my very first entry on this journal.

Starbucks Singapore Planner 02

My first entries on my 16-month STARBUCKS® Date Book & Journal from Singapore. The accounts earlier than October 28 were transferred from the Moleskine® I retired when I got this one from Partner.

And now, in 50 days, I will have to say goodbye to this planner.  And like most before it, I shall scribble my final thoughts of the year that will have been, close the back cover, and keep it in a box together with its predecessors.

In these times when text messaging has taken care of our spelling skills, when the speed at which information travels has practically obliterated any hope for kids to develop patience as they grow up, and with appointments and reminders conveniently set on calendars we keep in our cellphones, I’ve never stopped keeping an actual notebook – and actually writing in them longhand.

And this particular Starbucks® date book and journal has really served me well.  Just last night, I went through it again, from page one.  And it left like reading a novel – only obviously, an abridged version at best of what really had gone on in my head.  Yes, my thoughts on paper may appear long – worse, long-winded – but they had most likely been condensed.  Writing in cursive allows me that.  Or its exact opposite, accounting for every minute detail.

There’s nothing like setting down in full each letter as they form in my head, cursively connecting them into words without lifting my writing implement of choice from the surface of the paper.  It’s therapeutic.  It’s relaxing.  It’s not letting each emotion, each thought, each feeling…  pass me by.

Anybody and anything that have found their way to my planner’s pages are actually somebody and something in my life.

Starbucks Singapore Planner 00

How the latest page looked like a couple of days ago.


Latest 111009 Entry

Latest entries as of yesterday afternoon.


Notebook - Starbucks 01

Retiring in 50 days...


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