Attempt to keep a joyous tradition

13 11 2009
Starbucks 2010 Planner Card 00

"Wish for Joyous Traditions" – the Starbucks® Coffee Company 2010 planner promo card.

I’VE FINALLY earned my first sticker on the Starbucks® Coffee Company 2010 planner promo card.  Oh, not exactly earned.  Make that “forked out 155 pesos for,” which wasn’t bad at all considering the grande Dark Cherry Mocha Frappuccino I got.  The name makes me wonder.  Which is dark?  The cherry or the mocha?  But I digress.

Starbucks 2010 Planner Card 01

"There is a gift for every wish."


Starbucks 2010 Planner Card 04

A "WISH" sticker goes right on top of each "Warm WISHES" coffee mug. A total of 17 stickers are needed – 9 for the holiday featured beverages, and 8 for the regular beverages of choice.


Starbucks 2010 Planner Card 05

The 2010 promo card on top of all else that had been failures in years past. Hahaha!

I got this beverage last night, which I intended to be one of those solo-flight movie nights.  Before my superhero friend and I hit the open road – he usually drops me off from across the mall – I had already checked the schedule.  But still, I went there hoping that my emotions towards the bland options might change when confronted by those “posters intended for theatrical display.”  I’m very visual that way.

Michael Jackson’s This Is It (Not exactly a fan).  Ang Tanging Pamilya (Seriously?!).  All About Steve (Didn’t like the synopsis).  500 Days of Summer (Pass…  My interest waned…).  A Law-Abiding Citizen (Passing up on the gore…).  I turned around and walked away from the cinema.  Having decided against seeing any movie, I put off my plan to get myself either one of my favorite sandwiches at Starbucks® (Hungarian Sausage with Egg and Cheese, or Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich).

I went to National Bookstore instead.  There, I finally saw the new look of the Penguin Deluxe editions of “Wuthering Heights” and “Pride & Prejudice.”  Then I got totally enamored by an unassuming one cubic meter revolving shelf display of – drumroll please – Moleskine®!

Having just gotten my first sticker towards getting the Starbucks® 2010 planner, I was totally into planner/notebook mode.  Before I knew it, I had spent almost two hours going through each variant.  National at Town has actual Moleskine®s for samples you can touch and feel! Yey!  I didn’t realize it would take that long to argue the case between plain and ruled, softcover vs. hardcover, daily vs. weekly vs. monthly views, red vs. black.

But I think I’ve found The One.  I just have to save for it – Moleskine® doesn’t come cheap.  Hahaha!  Now I feel less excited about the 16 more stickers I need.  And it doesn’t help that I’m not that crazy about Toffe Nut Latte and Peppermint Mocha.


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17 11 2009

i’m planning to get the 12-month moleskine planner…the volant 1-color per month one…tama ba? basta yung 12 colors…1 notebook per month…and hopefully the day calendar as well…it’s soooo nice
my sister loves pride and prejudice too…wala lang gusto ko lang i-share


17 11 2009

Friendship! Yeah, I know that. I think May’10 is apple green (that was the sample I saw). But I think I’ll end up with the hardcover notebook, the regular size, not the pocket one. Just a toss up between black (classic) and red (shocking).

I want to read Pride & Prejudice… I haven’t eh!

“Volant” – my vocabulary just got enriched by you!


17 11 2009

moleskine+fountain pen=wow-i-feel-like-a-writer-i’m-so-inspired

i have the penguin deluxe edition of pride and prejudice…the black and white cover…it’s super nice inside..kasi the pages are uneven you feel like you’re reading an old book.

read it, read it, read it. 😀 i’ve read the book close to 10 times since i saw the movie (keira version please. slightly hindi kaigaigaya sa paningin ang bbc version). ultimate/classic chick lit-ness aside, it gives good insight into the culture way back in regency england. plus, hello bidang nag iisip, nanay na sherpa, itay na deadma/witty, kapatid na pretty at kabaitan in human form, dalawang kapatid na malandi at isang ultimate middle child. Let us not forget the supporting cast–the BFF (the not-so-pretty variety), the absurd suitor/relative, the girl na dead-na-dead kay bidang guy (the kontrabida) and of course, the di-kita-ma-reach-sa-iyong-perfection-slash-kaangasan-ngunit-mabait-pala-inside leading man. (obviously, i love the book as my sister said).

i hope you read it and sana you like it din 😀


16 12 2009
rose ann

im an advid fan of starbucks to here in philippines


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