Turning one: drip coffee with room for milk

14 11 2009

THE BLOG that at first eNTeNG didn’t want, today turns one.  250 posts, 1 page, 21 categories, 314 tags, 358 approved comments, 840 spam comments.

One whole year.

About this blog…” recounts how all this came to be.  It was born at that pivotal moment when eNTeNG desperately needed to detach himself from the rigors of one toxic day at work.  Nothing much has changed, he’s still clocking in eight- to twelve-hour workdays, not to mention on-call weekends.  Which, as he realizes this very moment, all the more makes this blog’s first year sweet.

He loves what he does professionally.  But with honesty he admits that writing this blog allows him to get away – albeit temporarily – from what he does all day.  And he knows that he has at least five people reading everything he has to say – some as far as halfway around the world.  It is such a comfort.

How does he find the time?  He doesn’t.  Like most things that one has to make happen in life, eNTeNG makes the time.

When he does find himself writing in cursive on the surface of a notebook, or clacking away on the keyboard, he couldn’t help but be cognizant of how at past midnight – well into 1:00 AM or even 2:00 AM – all he has are his thoughts, his dreams, this blog.

And yet his life never felt empty.

Ronoel's birthday cake

A birthday cake for turning one. – photo is actually that of one of my really good friend Superman's birthday cakes in 2008. Cake is from Secret Recipe in Shanghai, China.


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6 responses

15 11 2009

Hapi 1 year anniversary! Ur such a g0od writer. U amaze me of all those thoughts u can easily purchase in your mind. And u haven’t even menti0nd in ds bl0g that u cn c0me up with 1 p0st in just 10mins. N0w thats talent!
C0ngratulati0ns! And cheers to the next 10years of bl0gging!Ü


17 11 2009

Cheers to the next 10 years of blogging? You have so much faith in me. Hehehe. Thanks for reading. What I write is as much for those who read, as they are for me.


17 11 2009

Your blog is a wonderful respite at lunch hour. It makes my leftovers-at-lunch taste much better. The flavors you describe travel from wherever you are, through the web, unto my senses. You tell me about movies that I never get to see. I am also captivated when I read the soul-searching entries.

“Lunch-at-my-desk” has become more enjoyable, thanks to you!


17 11 2009

Therese, you are very kind. Reading about your “leftovers-at-lunch” actually brought to mind images of your exceptional pot roast, and your date-and-pecan bars. I’ve always loved those. And I miss them badly.

Take care!


17 11 2009
eyes only

hapi bday sa blog mo, bossing! 🙂

san kainan…halos puro pagkain naka-feature dito?! 🙂


19 11 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your web log Boss eNTeNG!!!
I think this deserves a Magdaragat treat… And may this be an annual activity… Hehehe…

I really wish I have your “fountain of words” – and that’s real talent. You could arrange words into something meaningful and bring up ordinary day-to-day events into mind-processing topics as easy as reciting the ABCD. This makes me wonder, have you been sleeping with books under your pillow?


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