Happy birthday, Superman!

23 11 2009

Happy birthday, SUPERMAN!


Superman dons the Barong Tagalog like no other. Happy birthday!

ONE THING about Superman:  he is so many wonderful things rolled into one.  And yet he doesn’t even seem to be aware of it.  I find that very cool.

Though we had been working in the same office for quite a while, it wasn’t until The Caped Crusader introduced us that The Man of Steel and I became friends.  And while I appreciate his having a telepathic mind, and bionic hearing, it’s his patience that I have come to appreciate the most.  Being friends with me means having to endure all the many many things I blab about.  I practically text – full-word, full-sentence – every thought that takes form in my head.  Good thing that the superheroes I text these messages to are capable of herculean exertions and infinite understanding.

Superman belongs to the sky.  And yet, I have never met anybody who is as grounded as this son of Krypton.  Achievement has never gone to his head.  And being friends with him, he allows me the sense of security and confidence that I could catch up with his fast pace.  That I too can do whatever I want and still be who I want to be.

He has always had genuine interest in the things that make me tick.  And while our likes couldn’t be any different, he doesn’t laugh at or trivialize the diversions that occupy my time and my thoughts.  I remember one time telling him about being breathless in anticipation about some movies, and he cheered my anticipation on.  This, while knowing that all that actually gets him excited lately is waiting for “Avatar, The Last Airbender.”  He knows I haven’t heard of this M. Night Shyamalan film – much less the animated series it is based on – but he never made me feel like a dork for not knowing.

Superman possesses the best qualities I can only aspire for.  Even Batman told me he’s one of the few really sensible people at work, almost habitually reserved in speech and not taken to grandiose gestures to draw attention to himself.  And Friendship said he’s really nice.

To me, he is the kind of friend with whom you can sit beside with, and not speak, yet you will walk away from the experience like you have just had the best conversation of your life.

And whenever I feel invisible or afraid that I will disappear by falling into a crack in the pavement, never to be seen or heard of again, he will ask how I am doing…  and suddenly I will realize I’m alive and I matter.

Today, Monday, the 23rd of November is his birthday.  Happy birthday, SUPERMAN!


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