Superman, the oil rigger, and Christmas trees

26 11 2009

CHRISTMAS IS so magical in the sense that even I could really smell it in the air – even here in the tropics – as if announcing its advent.  Crossing the street from Rustan’s Supermarket to Rustan’s Essences, the breeze that gently touched my cheek carried with it a hint of bedewed pine.

And I could definitely see it as the malls are now spruced up for the most wonderful time of the year.  A couple of Christmas trees actually caught my attention last night.

Blue Christmas tree

The blue one was very soothing to the eyes.  It brought to mind Superman as blue is one of his favorite colors.  And the white accents reflected his preference for white-faced wristwatches.

Autumn Christmas tree

The other one had shades of burnt orange, appearing actually very autumnal to me.  It managed to convey the warmth that the season brings to the heart.  I saw it and thought of the oil rigger, Harryboy, as autumn happens to be his favorite of the four seasons.


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