It’s a wrap

31 12 2009

This is half – one of many – of a large Starbucks® Coffee Company takeout paper bag that served a major purpose for me this holiday season!


An array of Starbucks® Coffee Company paper bags to choose from. All pretty enough to serve the purpose.

I THINK I would make a very good gift wrapper.  If ever that is what they are called.  I’m talking about the doer of the deed – not the paper.

To be a good wrapper of gifts you have to be very good with your hands and I am very good with mine.  You have to be creative and I guess I am.  You have to be someone who doesn’t mind working under pressure, surrounded by an organized chaos of all kinds of adhesive tape known to mankind (scotch, masking, packing, double-sided), globs of glue, puddles of paste, sheets of sometimes tacky paper and rolls of sometimes even tackier ribbon choices.  And I guess you have to be someone who wouldn’t mind sharing elbow space with a few other “wrap artists” as you get bossed around by demanding customers.

I realized this first hand while patiently waiting for my turn at the very busy, space-limited National Bookstore gift-wrapping section at Town.  No, I wasn’t waiting to have my purchases wrapped.  I was just there for the ribbon – the understated yet elegant yellow ribbon.  While extolling in my head the virtues of one shade of yellow over another (I had plenty of time for a debate), it was then that I noticed how insensitive this young lady was in demanding the ribbons to be tied and cut a certain number of ways.  I was so tempted to tell her off, to tell her to do the wrapping herself.  But the fake Coach bag she was brandishing caused too much interference in my neural traffic that I got stumped and didn’t know what to address first.  Hahaha!

Going back to my gift-wrapping.  For this year, I exerted effort to minimize my carbon imprint and opted to recycle paper.  I realized I had amassed tens and tens of Starbucks® Coffee Company’s large takeout paper bags.  So I tore them open, cut the uneven bottoms, removed the handles, and they were ready to wrap things with!  Each large bag yielded two sheets.  As if channeling my Japanese origami phase in my youth, I used each whole sheet and just folded and folded without cutting any of the excess.

Every gift I handed out was lovingly ensconced inside these recycled sheets, finished off with the decoration of a classic ribbon (in yellow!).  For the gift cards, I used fragrance testers I would collect from duty free shops whenever I traveled.  These are the pretty cards they spray the fragrance on for you to try.  Basically, a judgment call based on purely the top notes when you are pressed for time.

The gifts I wrapped may not be as polished as what the professionals would make, but they carried a part of me with them.  And more than anything, I guess they earned Batman’s stamp of approval.

Some stuff waiting for their turn with the "wrap" artist!


This latest installment from Jessica Zafra got garbed in recycled paper. Very shabby chic.


Two down, many more to go. I didn't sleep this night – first of three gift-wrapping marathon nights!


A couple of my work get appreciated.


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To kill a mock Birkin?

30 12 2009

SEARCHING FOR some books prove to be an exercise in futility.

Case in point?  My recent search for a copy of the very elusive “Bringing Home The Birkin” by Michael Tonello.  It’s one of the books I gave away this season.  Here is a short tale of one of the more hilarious of those futile attempts.

Obviously, the "elusive" book is not in this pile of oldies.


SOMETIME EARLY DECEMBER 2009.  But late into the evening.  The tundra that is the mall.  Yet again, another branch of National Bookstore.

Silence.  A weird silence in eNTeNG’s head.  The bookstore seen from the air.  A sea of anxious and easily agitated holiday shoppers for aisle after aisle, for bookshelf after bookshelf.  The fluorescent lighting fixtures are very unforgiving to faces that have skipped required every-two-weeks facials.  A lady wearing a Franck Mueller wristwatch has to keep her designer shades on to protect her eyes against the light.  Who is to blame her?

eNTeNG browses through books – spine after spine – the bright light reflecting off the sapphire-coated glass of his Philip Stein wristwatch, its reflection swimming over the contours and indentations made by the shelved books.  Running late for his shabu-shabu dinner, he resolves to finally resort to the years-old tried-and-tested solution:  ask the sales associate and hope that he shall receive.

eNTeNG:  “Do you have Michael Tonello’s ‘Bringing Home The Birkin?’

Sales Associate:  “To Kill A Mockingbird?

eNTeNG forces a half-smile.

eNTeNG:  “Oh, thanks.  I’m running late.”

eNTeNG exits and thanks God for the promise of a good dinner.  The book hunting is put off for yet another day.

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Greens, meat and sweets with Mama Hen

23 12 2009

Turning at the Highlander Steakhouse driveway, this was all I could see. The dense fog blocked all view from the ridge.


The Highlander Steakhouse interiors has that authentic log cabin look.


The restaurant's antler chandelier got dressed up for the season!

IT FELT like we could make it a scene straight out of a Western or of a 15th century vagabond roasting meat over a roaring fire.  It was the really dense fog that conjured up these images in my head.

Stepping out of the car, the chill in the breeze pierced through my pique polo shirt and I knew I was back to a familiar place, unforgettable to me for their 20-oz. dry-aged certified U.S. Angus Beef Rib Eye Steak – the Highlander Steakhouse at Tagaytay Highlands.  I first wrote about it here.  But unlike in that first experience, my lunch last December 21st was embraced in the thickest concentration of water droplets suspended so near the ground it rid me of all visibility.  It took our hostess’ generosity to warm the surroundings and my heart, making me truly feel it’s already that time of the year.

The hostess with the mostest happens to be Mama Hen, our top legal eagle at both multinational companies I have had the pleasure to work in.  To a certain extent, I feel like she is my adoptive mother.  But her interest with me came much later so her family’s looks and her flawless complexion have never rubbed off on me.  Hahaha!

I espied Mama Hen's brand spanking new Tod's bag!

Bling it on! I couldn't help but ask for a shot of that diamond. It was he size of my thumbnail! Probably bigger.

A tight shot of that bling bling!

Everytime we share a meal, I feel so taken care of.  She never fails to remind me of that first dinner we had together and how it has brought about the lasting impression she and her husband has had about my legendary appetite.  In the small details – she sharing her pot of tea with me, she asking me if I prefer rice over the potatoes, she allowing me to get served first, she asking the wait staff to tell me about the dessert options, she constantly referring to me as “growing boy” – I can’t deny just how much premium Mama Hen puts to valuing her friendships.  And just how much – even in all my decades of existence – she still sees me as that shy, unassuming boy who needed at least six cups of rice to feel satiated.

Mama Hen always remembers and can make anybody feel so loved.  Thanks for always remembering me (the same goes out to the one person who always makes it a point I make it to these get-togethers – Ms. Jo!).

The complimentary bread – a small French Baguette and a small Tuscan Round – came stylishly nestled on a cutting board with a knife dramatically wedged in.

A slice of the baguette. I finished almost half the bread!


A slice of the Tuscan round, which I liked better than the baguette. I finished almost one whole of this.


Salad of hearts of romaine lettuce with smoked salmon, bacon bits, croutons, and freshly saved parmesan cheese in a light vinaigrette.


A tight shot of the yummy smoked salmon.


A portion I served myself. I had a couple more helpings after this one!


The Steakhouse Clam Chowder


The star of the lunch – the fabulous air-dried aged U.S. steak! This was my first serving. Hahaha!


The steak with a side of sweet grilled vegetables. My favorite was the zucchini.


The sweetness of the grilled roma tomato went perfectly with a cut of steak doused with A1 steak sauce.


The steak came with plates of grilled vegetables – green beans, eggplant, carrots, onions, and zucchini.


... and the crunchiest French Fries!


Plenty of steak sauce options – mushroom, pepper, and a red wine reduction.


I had this Flourless Chocolate Cake for dessert. It had the most delicate texture and flavor, with the subtle hint of orange.


Mama Hen asked for this Apple Tart with a yummy steusel and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Others favored the Blueberry Cheesecake.


I washed everything down with Hot Green Tea infused with Jasmine Blossoms. The lady at the background is Ms. Jo – simply the most thoughtful colleague there is!


I sipped cold water from this lovely crystal.


I couldn't figure out what the stamps were on my dessert fork.


My Western-themed main course plate.


The very lovely and gracious Mama Hen (fifth from left) with the rest of the gang – Vi, Glendz, Vic, my good good friend Ms. Jo, Cynch, and Gus.


On our way out, it finally cleared.


View at the top, where the Steakhouse is.


I took this shot while we were speeding off... Wow, my Canon Digital IXUS 860IS has a good stabilizer!


All throughout the meal, I'd keep on glancing at this window beside me. I found the play of light through thick fog, through the frosted glass poignant and melancholic.



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I could’ve sung with Lea!

22 12 2009

THE PROBLEM with Ms. Lea Salonga is that she has consistently been an excellent and oustanding performer that sometimes, her amazing vocals and impeccable phrasing would just pass you by.  That is not to say that she can no longer stop us on our tracks when she hits those notes.  Because frankly, she still does.  She ALWAYS has.  It’s just that since we have been so used to her level of excellence, we have already exhausted all superlatives to describe her.  And sometimes, we’d fall prey to throwing blurbs like “wonderful!”, “astonishing!”, “captivating!”, “truly world-class!” in our attempt to accord her artistry the respect and recognition it deserves.  And when we do, we actually are just trying to say that she – the Ms. Lea Salonga – has done it again.

That was exactly how I felt, standing firmly on my two feet for nearly an hour and a half, as I watched her free Christmas Concert at the Activity Center of the Alabang Town Center last Sunday, the 20th of December.  I was there – ticketless – at the mercy of whatever firm foundation my two feet could provide.  I had to chide myself repeatedly as the voice over kept repeating his spiels.  “I should be one of those few lucky people cordoned off from the maddening crowd.”  If only I took the little time it needed to turn thousands and thousands of pesos worth of Christmas shopping into free tickets.  Oh well.

I have to give it to Ayala Malls for pulling all stops in turning the Alabang Town Center Activity Center into something that brings a colossal concert hall to mind!  Honestly, days ahead I couldn’t envision how they’d put up a set design that would do justice not only to Ms. Salonga but also to Musical Director Gerard Salonga and the Filharmonika.  But they did.  From the mall’s ceiling they hung pristine white drapes that gave the impression of a major stage.  And they put up all the lights and spotlight that were needed – not to drown the show’s featured artist but to reinforce the brilliance of her own ethereal luminosity.

I’ve been to numerous mall shows and I couldn’t help but take note that this one started at 6:00 PM on the dot.  Wow, a free concert that didn’t make the people wait.  That’s a first.  It spoke volumes of the professionalism of Ms. Salonga.  Seriously.  Gerard Salonga was a commanding presence conducting the Filharmonika.  With the very first authoritative, powerful gesture of the kapellmeister’s hand, I felt Christmas had come upon me.

Profuse with the meaning of the season from its title alone – “A Chance To Share” – Ms. Salonga’s concert’s repertoire was a stunning showcase of her musical gift.  She was a most selfless act as she shared a moment with the Woodrose and De La Salle Zobel choirs who sang two songs and backed her up in the finale; and one lucky audience member who was given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sing a duet with West End and Broadway’s original Kim.  The choirs were fabulous!  When they hit that high note on the line “Pick up your feet” from “Jingle Bell Rock,” I swear I thought all our hearts’ wishes for the best Christmas ever went shooting through the roof all the way to heaven.  All the more that we wanted to whole-heartedly give to Ms. Salonga’s concert’s cause.

Ms. Salonga sang a total of 11 songs.

Be Brave Little One.

Two Words.  She lovingly paid tribute to the lyricist and composer, Mr. Louie Ocampo.  I just had to text my good good friend Rizzie Cruz Ocampo-Lontoc to tell her that Ms. Salonga acknowledged her Tito Louie.

Grown-Up Christmas List.

Part Of Your World.  Ms. Salonga is truly unrivaled in singing Disney.  Her enunciation, her diction, her phrasing – flawless.  Interesting bit of trivia:  this was her audition piece that got her the Mulan part.

Reflection.  She sang the full version.

A Place Called Home.  I’m unfamiliar with this song.  Yet, with the first line, she captured my attention and managed to tug at my heartstrings.

Nothing (from the musical “A Chorus Line”).  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

A Whole New World.  The duet that never was!  I was so envious of the very talented lady she picked from the audience.

Everybody Says Don’t (from “Anyone Can Whistle”).  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  There’s just no other way to describe what she did with the song.

One Voice.  Listening to her sing, her vocals buoyed by the angelic voices of the Woodrose and De La Salle Zobel Choirs, I almost immediately wanted to do my part to make this world a better place.

Encore:  The Christmas Song.

What?  This free show that featured the country’s best musical artist gave in to demands for an encore?  Yes.  I guess it was yet again a generous gesture from Ms. Salonga who had, at that moment, unknowingly breathed life to her concert’s purpose – the chance to share.

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Happy birthday, Batman

21 12 2009

That's the Batman mask I wore to a Halloween party in 2007. Yeah, Batman himself gave me this! Partner was a princess with Thumbelina wings. And oh yes, that's the Christian Bale, himself the Dark Knight on celluloid!

ONE OF my best friends who never cease to amaze me and make me feel proud (of him, of them) celebrated his birthday today, the 21st of December.  My day has been crazy, but even in the midst of all the many different things pulling me to so many different directions, I didn’t forget to greet him at least thru a text message first.

The fog was dense and settled really low, rendering visibility at Tagaytay Highlands to almost zilch.  It was freezing cold and I was threatened by limited dexterity.  Yet, the more I felt resolved to send out my greeting to the one person who has always helped nurture – and enable – the best things that I like about myself.

And of all the things that he has done for me, given me, or made me feel, his having time is what I have always appreciated.  Especially since his is a schedule that can make a mere mortal’s back break with a resounding snap.  I just couldn’t help but be at awe at how he juggles things.  And he does it pretty well because he has never missed a catch.

Last week, he just told me about closing his latest MBA term with flat 1’s – that is, 1.00 in the State University’s grading system – in all his subjects.  Wow.  Nobody does it better.  Really.

He knows that I have his best intentions at heart.  Not to mention prayers as he enters a new and exciting phase in his family life.

Again, happy birthday, Batman!  This may sound horrible, unoriginal and trite, but there is no other way to say it – THANKS FOR EVERYTHING.

We had Pata Tim at home. But I just had to whip up pasta in honor of Batman's birthday! Here's to a long life for the Caped Crusader!

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I didn’t guess who else was coming to dinner

18 12 2009

This display on the second level greets shoppers from the escalator landing.


Victorinox Swiss Army wristwatches has an ongoing show at The Podium.


I love all the drama of these golden Christmas trees hanging from the ceiling.


ONE THING that people get about me off the bat is that I am unorthodox.  But that is not to say that I’ve totally broken all sense of convention and tradition.  Because I haven’t.  One such tradition that I’ve observed since a couple of years ago is a December dinner night out with The Dark Knight – both because it’s his birthday on the 21st and it’s Christmas time.

Barring all the draining effects of the recession, I’ve managed to get two gifts still for Batman.  I wrapped the presents myself, bearing in mind just how finicky he could be with the gift-wrapping.  That’s yet another tradition I keep.  Gift-wrapping everything by myself, that is.  I’m saving talking about that on another post.

Normally, in the grand scheme of things, one would think that the balance is tipped favorably to Batman’s side as he gets two gifts against one he gets me for Christmas.  But no, once I put onto the scale all the other gifts he would give me just because, the balance tips my way.  But no, I’m not in the business of counting gifts.  It just so happens that I’ve never met anybody else who could put my own brand of generosity to shame.

Batman's gift!

Yet another one of Batman's great book gifts! Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point.

Here are two gifts I myself wrapped for Batman!

Presenting to Batman the second gift.

We met up at the Megamall like we usually do, then walked our way to The Podium.  His cellphone rang and that was when I realized that the gifts weren’t the only surprises for the night.  There was a mystery guest.  I checked my personal cellphone and saw seven missed calls, all from the same number which wasn’t on my directory.  All from the same person speaking with the Caped Crusader at that very moment.  All from someone who came all the way back home from Korea – the Harryboy himself!

Crossing St. Francis Square, I glanced at Batman and before I could even finish my asking as to where we’d have dinner, my tongue curled from the last consonant sound I made and in one smooth rolling action said, “Indian!” in unison with the superhero to my right.  So off we went on our way to The New Bombay Authentic Indian Cuisine at the topmost level.  But not without first making requisite stops at shops I love – the Philip Stein boutique being foremost on my list.  With the ultimate “kunsintidor” (loosely translates to “enabler” in Englsh) beside me, I feared for my own limited resources.  Hahaha!  After the amiable sales associates rattled off the retail prices of two models I loved from the Prestige Collection, I knew it was time to remove myself physically from the premises.  Besides, they were still out of the yellow lizard leather strap I’ve been lusting after.

Comfortably seated at the restaurant, Batman and I first asked for drinks.  As expected, he asked for just house water, while I asked for steaming hot Indian tea with condensed milk.  Exchanging of gifts was the first order of business.  I hope Batman liked the simple gifts I came up with – with one actually taking more than two hours of unceasing staring at a host of options at Powerbooks at Town weeks ago.  Looking back now, I think I kept on babbling about all the effort I put into the gift-wrapping.  Hahaha!

We were in the middle of really animated conversation – one of my “binabasag ang katahimikan” (shattering my silence) moments – when a celestial being deigned to finally grace us with his glorious presence.  The Harryboy had landed.

Batman captions this photo: "Nagpapaliwanag."

Yes, that's the Harryboy. And Batman captions this one: "Nagpapaliwanag pa rin!"

Harryboy's wristwatch has my name written all over it! I want!

Harryboy and his wristwatch. Me likey that bling!

Unfortunately for Batman, I got gifts from the Oil Rigger.  (Hahaha!  Sorry, Batman.)  Finally, I laid my eyes on red string, rock crystal and sterling silver bracelets he got me from an online store in Korea.

Reminiscing seemed to be the theme of the night as we recollected good times from when we were all still working at the same company – where and when I wasn’t friends yet with their circle. But I knew them from afar and they knew me from afar.   I couldn’t imagine there was that time!

As Batman and Harryboy launched into catching up – as they really do have a lot of that to take care of – I took it upon myself to do all the ordering.  It was easy because The New Bombay happens to be a fave.  At one point, they even joked that I didn’t allow them to have a say on the evening’s gastronomic delights.  Anyway, I just made sure Batman and my usuals were part of the spread, plus a couple of new items.

We started with Chicken Soup (Php 85.00, already good for the three of us) and Butter Tandoori Roti (Php 75.00).  The soup was like a stew with the perfect blend of soy sauce and vinegar – but more on the sour side.  It was chockful with white chicken meat.  The chopped coriander leaves perfumed the dish with just the right amount of pungency.  I loved it.  And I think Batman did too (as Harry kept offering him his share.)  The bread was the traditional roti, baked to a chewy crisp in the tandoor.  Soaked well in good butter, it was good on its own.  But nothing prevented us from mopping the plentiful curry sauce with each piece we tore from the huge roti.

For our main courses, we asked for the Chicken Tikka Masala (Php 195.00), the Shrimp Goan Curry (Php 195.00), and the Mushroom & Green Peas Masala.  Of the many rice options, we decided on the Saffron Basmati Rice (Php 175.00).

Chicken Soup (with lots of fresh coriander leaves)

Butter Tandoori Roti

Shrimp Goan Curry

Chicken Tikka Masala

Mushroom & Green Peas Masala

Saffron Basmati Rice

As this dinner was Harryboy’s third of four mall stops for the night – having first gone to Galleria, then to TriNoMa – we had to let him go ahead to meet The Girlfriend at the nearby Megamall.

Batman and I continued our own catching up while taking a leisurely stroll of the fantabulously decorated The Podium.  At one point, I even managed to squeeze in checking on the services of a watch repair store at the basement as I have been meaning to have a vintage automatic wristwatch serviced.  But first we had to get Starbucks – really hot Starbucks.  I earned yet two more stickers on my way to snatching myself their 2010 planner.  No, two plus those that were already on cards Batman and Harryboy gave me over dinner.

This is it!

The best part of the night?  Harryboy demanded that he’d pay for dinner.  And Batman wouldn’t hear a word of me arguing the point as to why I should pay for coffee.  Oh, the joy of friends!

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Wonderful newspaper read

18 12 2009

THIS POST is about breaking my ultimate blog rule.  Eversince this page’s inception, I’ve resolved to only post my own writing.  However – for the first time – an outgoing link deserves mention on this page.  Thanks Sagewin for sharing this most wonderful read.  You are such a “wonderland.”  Hahaha! 

One of my favorite guitar men, the John Mayer, is a wristwatch afficionado!  Read David Colman’s “The Time Keeper” in The New York Times.

Even a brief brush with Mayer’s wrist will tell you that the man has done his homework. He got through childhood and adolescence with two watches — a “Star Wars” -themed Armitron, followed by a Casio Databank. (There was also a Swatch or two in the mix, but nothing memorable.) In college, before he dropped out to pursue music full time, he had a Timex Ironman. It wasn’t until 2000, when Mayer was 23 and making it big, that the collecting bug really bit.

“When I started to make a little bit of scratch, I thought it was time to get a Rolex,” he said, recalling the swagger with which he picked the Explorer II, with a white face. Although buying it was a marker of success — like his first Grammy, which he’d won for “Wonderland” — it wasn’t long before it was not enough. “I get very into something. I want to research it and check it out,” he said. “The Rolex was just kind of the first rung on the ladder. I remember people saying, ‘Oh, Rolex is all right, but IWC makes a great watch. Audemars Piguet makes a great watch.’ So I go, ‘What’s IWC?’ ”

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Batman and Christmas trees

15 12 2009

White Christmas tree, Greenbelt 5, 2009.

White Christmas tree, Greenbelt 5, 2008. Can you see Batman and me in the Christmas ball?

I DIDN’T forget Batman when I made a post on Christmas trees, here.  I actually intended to post a separate entry for him.  I associate the Caped Crusader with white Christmas trees.  At Greenbelt 5 last year, we totally loved the silvery white trees.  This year, they put up really tall all-white trees, accented with giant snowflakes and glitters all over.  It doesn’t hurt that they put a white three-seater French sofa right in front of it.  Perfect for cam-whoring.

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Don’t judge the cookie it is not a book

11 12 2009

The Fujiya Chocochip Cookie Cocoa broken in half. Look at that chewy, chunky center!

CHOCOLATE IN its many incarnations can sometimes leave me dulled by surfeit.  And just when I had found myself staring at the precipice of getting jaded, along came a cookie so redundantly named it rendered my defenses helpless.

Unassuming in its varying dull hues of brown, the wrapper simply said “Fujiya Chocochip Cookie Cocoa Country Ma’am” and didn’t appear to be trying enough to whet my appetite.

But once I tore the foil package open to reveal the cookie, I chided myself for rushing to judgment.  After all, what right have I to judge this cookie by its cover, after all it is not a book?  Hahaha!

Seriously, this chocochip cookie was not what I’m used to when it comes to chocolate cookies.  The closest I could compare it to will have to be Martha Stewart’s very own Mudslide cookies.  But this Japanese creation boasts of a number of things beginning with a pretty exterior – a tender crust – that looks like it has a thumbprint on top.  I found the indentation to be quite cute.

I broke the cookie in half and that was when the very chewy center ensconced by the tender crust revealed itself.  It was a mildly dark overload of chewy cookie goodness dotted with firm, yet smoothly textured, mini chocolate kisses (instead of the usual “chips”).  The cross section brought to mind Ms. Stewart’s mudslide cookies which I have loved, as well as the image of hot chocolate lava cascading down until it got frozen still.

Anybody who loves me can stuff lots of these in my Christmas stocking.  Hahaha!  I’ve only had two and they’ve proven to be unforgettable.

The unassuming wrapper


I found the indentation on top to be cute. Get into the groove!


Super YUM-O!!!


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Special crab for the crabby me

10 12 2009

The curacha

THESE THREE musketeers came knocking, begging to be part of dinner.

Save for the lone lobster, I’ve never had these – the curacha – in my three decades of existence.  My first encounter with them was by way of a photograph on the pages of Mabuhay magazine on board a Philippine Airlines flight to Tokyo.

I gathered that these are gifts from a friend who came back from Zamboanga where these funky crabs claim provenance.  They look like a cross between the (usual) crab and the lobster.  With a shell that huge, I have high expectations that they are really meaty.

I’ve yet to try them.  They scared me a bit the first time I saw them – I know, pathetic! – and my knee-jerk reaction was to throw them in the freezer.  But I love crustaceans anyway.  That’s a given.

Two curachas and a lobster.


Crabby & Lobsty

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