A year – or so – in wristwatches

1 12 2009

AS HAS always been the case with me, if I will have to express my highest regard for another human being in terms of something tangible – an actual material thing – it will have to be thru a wristwatch.

A few days ago, I finally felt it was high time to accord my own self with that same regard.  The one wristwatch that I have been pining for for months now, I finally got.

That's my gift to myself – the Philip Stein Teslar wristwatch! It works wonders!

And in a year – or so – that blitzed through hell and high water, natural and man-made disasters, I look back to five other wristwatches that have come to mean so much in my life.

I can’t help but feel thankful for some things that we can hold on to.


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