I didn’t even have to activate the searchlight

4 12 2009

I WAS about to shine my Bat-signal into the sky of Thursday’s cold and breezy December night when my cellphone broke the quick swinging action I was about to give my searchlight.

I picked up my squealing electronic gadget and the text message sender’s name put a smile on my face as I snatched the thought that formed in the bubble atop my head.  Batman always knows whenever I need him.

I was having a crappy day – there’s always one from time to time – and nothing like a surprise from a really great friend made for a wonderful pick-me-upper.

Batman said that he sent over some things for me through the kindness of my officemate he’s classmates with in MBA.  And we’re not even in the twelve days of Christmas!

I can’t wait to get my hands on them today.  Thanks, Batman.  You made my week!

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Superman and Batman

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