Keeping score

9 12 2009

WHILE MOST people “people watch”, I “wristwatch watch.”

And one of the best places to do this really subtly is at the supermarket.  Last Saturday I went to one at the Southern tip of Metro Manila.  I didn’t go there just to really do my “wristwatch watching” because I had a battle plan – a list I took down on acid-free Moleskine paper (thank God for the perforated pages!).  I love this supermarket so much because eventhough its size is not prententiously imposing, its shelves are full of groceries that can put humungous establishments to shame.

But I’m shelving my adulation of this supermarket for now, saving it for a later post.  What I want to share with you is the result of my very subtle observation on what were strapped on shoppers’ wrists!

I was totally so into my grocery list but when a gentle, mild-mannered lady reached out for the roll of plastic bag at the produce section, I couldn’t help but squint when the light reflected on the sapphire crystal of her wristwatch hit my eye.  Omega Constellation!

I got distracted and ended up “wristwatch watching” as I moved from aisle to aisle.

The tally?  Omega – 3 (2 Constellation, both ladies’, and 1 Seasmaster, gents’).  Rolex – 5 (but none was the Milgauss).  Technomarine – 2 (both ladies’, with one of the wearer treating her wristwatch-less boyfriend like an “alalay”…  Here!  There!  Get that!  No, one more!).  Gucci – 1 (ladies’, leather strap).  Philippe Charriol – 1 (ladies’).  Casio Databank – 1 (I used to wear one in high school).  Tag Heuer Aquaracer – 1.

I didn’t espy anybody wearing a Philip Stein except myself.  (Batman, I can hear you laughing!)

Oh, before I finally made my turn for the checkout counter, I almost bumped into a nice American expatriate lady toting a Birkin in the supplest black leather.

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3 responses

10 12 2009

“wristwatch watching” is one of those habits i believe i got from you (along with the handbag watching aka “i can tell that your bag is fake” habit). I do that a lot here because (aside from the fact that) i really couldn’t think of anything more entertaining to do whenever i take the very long train ride home, it’s been very entertaining to the eyes. rolex watches are a staple here (from the oyster to the president to those that i couldn’t bear the thought of wearing because they look so stupidly expensive, which they actually are :P).

but i must say nothing will ever beat the cartier pasha which has captured my heart a long time ago and one that i will keep on loving for the many years to come 🙂


10 12 2009

I remember, Partner. Hahaha!!! So, have you finally snatched that Pasha de Cartier of your dreams? Now that you’ve mentioned Cartier… funny that on the day I blogged about, I didn’t see any!

“I can tell that your bag is fake”… Hahaha!!! I remember this too.


11 12 2009

Wow, nag-bus wearing a Philip Stein, hehehe.


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