Special crab for the crabby me

10 12 2009

The curacha

THESE THREE musketeers came knocking, begging to be part of dinner.

Save for the lone lobster, I’ve never had these – the curacha – in my three decades of existence.  My first encounter with them was by way of a photograph on the pages of Mabuhay magazine on board a Philippine Airlines flight to Tokyo.

I gathered that these are gifts from a friend who came back from Zamboanga where these funky crabs claim provenance.  They look like a cross between the (usual) crab and the lobster.  With a shell that huge, I have high expectations that they are really meaty.

I’ve yet to try them.  They scared me a bit the first time I saw them – I know, pathetic! – and my knee-jerk reaction was to throw them in the freezer.  But I love crustaceans anyway.  That’s a given.

Two curachas and a lobster.


Crabby & Lobsty

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Two presidentiables and confusion

10 12 2009

I CAME to work wearing this today.  I won’t charge this ensemble to nueral traffic gone haywire because I guess, I actually thought about balancing everything out.

The shirt I’m wearing is for Mr. “Sipag at Tiyaga” (industriousness and perseverance) while on my wrist are baller ID bands for Mr. “Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa” (you are not alone).  And oh, the blue is for Mr. “Padyak” (pedicab).

Gosh, I’m confused!

Sipag at Tiyaga... Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa... Padyak... all rolled into one!


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