Don’t judge the cookie it is not a book

11 12 2009

The Fujiya Chocochip Cookie Cocoa broken in half. Look at that chewy, chunky center!

CHOCOLATE IN its many incarnations can sometimes leave me dulled by surfeit.  And just when I had found myself staring at the precipice of getting jaded, along came a cookie so redundantly named it rendered my defenses helpless.

Unassuming in its varying dull hues of brown, the wrapper simply said “Fujiya Chocochip Cookie Cocoa Country Ma’am” and didn’t appear to be trying enough to whet my appetite.

But once I tore the foil package open to reveal the cookie, I chided myself for rushing to judgment.  After all, what right have I to judge this cookie by its cover, after all it is not a book?  Hahaha!

Seriously, this chocochip cookie was not what I’m used to when it comes to chocolate cookies.  The closest I could compare it to will have to be Martha Stewart’s very own Mudslide cookies.  But this Japanese creation boasts of a number of things beginning with a pretty exterior – a tender crust – that looks like it has a thumbprint on top.  I found the indentation to be quite cute.

I broke the cookie in half and that was when the very chewy center ensconced by the tender crust revealed itself.  It was a mildly dark overload of chewy cookie goodness dotted with firm, yet smoothly textured, mini chocolate kisses (instead of the usual “chips”).  The cross section brought to mind Ms. Stewart’s mudslide cookies which I have loved, as well as the image of hot chocolate lava cascading down until it got frozen still.

Anybody who loves me can stuff lots of these in my Christmas stocking.  Hahaha!  I’ve only had two and they’ve proven to be unforgettable.

The unassuming wrapper


I found the indentation on top to be cute. Get into the groove!


Super YUM-O!!!


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