Happy birthday, Batman

21 12 2009

That's the Batman mask I wore to a Halloween party in 2007. Yeah, Batman himself gave me this! Partner was a princess with Thumbelina wings. And oh yes, that's the Christian Bale, himself the Dark Knight on celluloid!

ONE OF my best friends who never cease to amaze me and make me feel proud (of him, of them) celebrated his birthday today, the 21st of December.  My day has been crazy, but even in the midst of all the many different things pulling me to so many different directions, I didn’t forget to greet him at least thru a text message first.

The fog was dense and settled really low, rendering visibility at Tagaytay Highlands to almost zilch.  It was freezing cold and I was threatened by limited dexterity.  Yet, the more I felt resolved to send out my greeting to the one person who has always helped nurture – and enable – the best things that I like about myself.

And of all the things that he has done for me, given me, or made me feel, his having time is what I have always appreciated.  Especially since his is a schedule that can make a mere mortal’s back break with a resounding snap.  I just couldn’t help but be at awe at how he juggles things.  And he does it pretty well because he has never missed a catch.

Last week, he just told me about closing his latest MBA term with flat 1’s – that is, 1.00 in the State University’s grading system – in all his subjects.  Wow.  Nobody does it better.  Really.

He knows that I have his best intentions at heart.  Not to mention prayers as he enters a new and exciting phase in his family life.

Again, happy birthday, Batman!  This may sound horrible, unoriginal and trite, but there is no other way to say it – THANKS FOR EVERYTHING.

We had Pata Tim at home. But I just had to whip up pasta in honor of Batman's birthday! Here's to a long life for the Caped Crusader!

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2 responses

22 12 2009

Happy birthday again BATMAN! i’ve been greeting you for 3 days already, 1 advance, 1 actual and a belated birthday greeting (so that should make up for the late greeting last year, hehe)

WOW! Flat 1 for your MBA, i must agree with Partner that it’s really amazing…make us both proud and privileged to know you. Congratulation for that and a bigger congratulations for the other significant thing that’s worth a bigger (way bigger) celebration! 😀

Here’s to good health, more success and HAPPINESS 🙂


22 12 2009
eyes only


bossing enteng, gawan mo din ako ng write up sa bday ko,ha. saka yung picture nung sa akin, pancit canton ,ha. hehehe! 🙂


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