To kill a mock Birkin?

30 12 2009

SEARCHING FOR some books prove to be an exercise in futility.

Case in point?  My recent search for a copy of the very elusive “Bringing Home The Birkin” by Michael Tonello.  It’s one of the books I gave away this season.  Here is a short tale of one of the more hilarious of those futile attempts.

Obviously, the "elusive" book is not in this pile of oldies.


SOMETIME EARLY DECEMBER 2009.  But late into the evening.  The tundra that is the mall.  Yet again, another branch of National Bookstore.

Silence.  A weird silence in eNTeNG’s head.  The bookstore seen from the air.  A sea of anxious and easily agitated holiday shoppers for aisle after aisle, for bookshelf after bookshelf.  The fluorescent lighting fixtures are very unforgiving to faces that have skipped required every-two-weeks facials.  A lady wearing a Franck Mueller wristwatch has to keep her designer shades on to protect her eyes against the light.  Who is to blame her?

eNTeNG browses through books – spine after spine – the bright light reflecting off the sapphire-coated glass of his Philip Stein wristwatch, its reflection swimming over the contours and indentations made by the shelved books.  Running late for his shabu-shabu dinner, he resolves to finally resort to the years-old tried-and-tested solution:  ask the sales associate and hope that he shall receive.

eNTeNG:  “Do you have Michael Tonello’s ‘Bringing Home The Birkin?’

Sales Associate:  “To Kill A Mockingbird?

eNTeNG forces a half-smile.

eNTeNG:  “Oh, thanks.  I’m running late.”

eNTeNG exits and thanks God for the promise of a good dinner.  The book hunting is put off for yet another day.

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One response

31 12 2009
Michael Tonello

To Kill A Mockingbird, The Grapes of Wrath, War and Peach…just some of the fine title that are always being confused with Bringing Home the Birkin.
Good luck on your quest!
Happy New Year,
michael tonello~


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