4 01 2010

IF MY MEMORY SERVES ME RIGHTwhat a morbid conditional statement to kick off the year! – no other year in the past decade was quite as challenging as 2009.  Even the financial and economic crash in late 2008 paled in comparison to the convolution of natural and man-made disasters in the past year that I hope, would not make 2009 live forever in infamy.  We’re done with it and that’s it.

Christmas to New Year’s eve saw me really bidding the year with a bang – I had acute tonsillitis on the 24th and stayed in bed watching “A Walk To Remember”…  twice; enagaged in a Mandalay Bay-caliber bout with gastroenteritis on the 28th to the 29th; and in the revelry to get 2009 over with, ended up as a statistic under the header of “firecracker-related” injury.  But they’ve all passed, and in the wise words of Stavie, 2010 should be all about happiness.

WE USHERED in the new year at my youngest brother’s family’s new house in Las Piñas.  And what will an occasion be with me without some of my favorite wristwatches.  So, here they are.  Happy new year!

All my wristwatches are wound 30 minutes ahead (so these ones were at 10 minutes to midnight). It's one of my quirks. I can't deal with a ticker that's wound any less or any more than that. Notice that the Technomarine says "THU" still when it should've been "FRI" already. I don't know but the day part of the "day-date" aperture feature lags by half an hour.


Once more with feelings!... A shot that includes the (vintage) Swiss Army automatic I was wearing on my right hand.


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4 01 2010

happy new year partner! hope you’re better now. i pray that 2010 will be a kinder day for all of us and one that would bring you more blessing than the years past.


4 01 2010

O0oh. Happiness! I love! Hahaha. A wo0d tiger in the year of the metal tiger is quite lucky. Do you l0ve it? But to0 much fire and w0od melts metal, so be very careful. Hahaha. There are 6 fire tigers in our dept. With a g0od mixture with them, u’l have an awes0me 2010. Hahaha. Kung Hei Fat Choi!


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